Source:Claiborne Family Tomb (Metairie Cemetery, Orleans Parish, Louisiana)

Source Claiborne Family Tomb (Metairie Cemetery, Orleans Parish, Louisiana)
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Claiborne Family Tomb (Metairie Cemetery, Orleans Parish, Louisiana).

The first Claiborne burial here was that of Gov. William C. C. Claiborne, who was first buried in St. Louis Cemetery #1 in 1817. However, that was a Catholic cemetery and when the new Metairie cemetery was opened in 1838 on the site of the old race track, his body was moved there. Many Louisiana Claibornes and their spouses have since been interred there and the tomb is still in active, though infrequent, use. (Names have been linked to their pages.)

The following is a transcription of all the names and information from the various panels on the front of the tomb (which may not be a complete listing of all the interrments):

William Charles Cole Claiborne's stone is on the ground in front of the tomb.

Martin Duralde Claiborne, Jr.
August 31, 1920 -- February 7, 1991

Evelyn Senter Claiborne
Wife of M. Duralde Claiborne, Jr.
May 17, 1921 -- March 8, 1992


On the facing of the first step:

1853        Fernand Claiborne        1928
1816        John R. Claiborne        1936


On the left facing of the top step:

William Charles Cole Claiborne
Died March 8, 1925 Aged 88 Yrs.
"Without Fear or Reproach"


On the right facing of the top step:

Jeanne Robelot
Wife of Wm. C. C. Claiborne
Died July 13, 1932 Aged 77 Yrs.


Plaque on the left side of the tomb towards the front:

Judge Charles F. Claiborne
Born Feb. 2, 1848 -- Died Dec. 13, 1938
"Loved, honored & admired by all who know him"

Martin Duralde Claiborne
Born Mar. 10, 1895 -- Died Aug. 7, 1960
"Loving husband, devoted father and grandfather"

Yvonne Holly Ross
Wife of M. Duralde Claiborne
Born Sept 26, 1896 -- Died Jan. 21, 1978

Marie Louise Villere
Wife of Fernand Claiborne
Born Nov. 5, 1867 -- Died Sept. 23, 1963

Marie Louise Claiborne
Wife of Louis Perrilia M.D.
Born Dec. 26, 1876 -- Died Sept. 9, 1957

Lucie Claiborne
Born Sept. 28, 1921 -- Died Nov. 5, 1975


Plaque on top right side of the tomb:

Marie Claiborne
Died October 2, 1810 Aged 7 years

George W. Claiborne C.S.A.
Fell at Mansfield, La 1864, Aged 24

[George Claiborne Served in CO. B Crescent Regiment La. Inf. C. S. A. -- Claiborne, George W., Pvt. Co. B. Crescent Regt. La. Infty. En. March 11th, 1862, New Orleans, La. Present on all Rolls to Aug., 1863]

Henry de C. Claiborne
Captain C.S.N. Died 1872 aged 34

[Henry Ballatin Claiborne Served aboard CSS Atlanta, Confederate States Navy -- Claiborne, Henry Ballatin, Born in Louisiana. Apptd. from Louisiana. Formerly Midshipman U.S. Navy. Master July 25th, 1861. Lt. for the War (nominated), Jan. 27th, 1862. 2nd Lt., Feb. 8th, 1862. 1st Lt. March 17th, 1863, to rank from Oct. 2nd, 1862, 1st Lt. Provisional Navy, June 2nd, 1864, to rank from Jan. 6th, 1864. Imprisoned in Forts Lafayette and Warren. 1861 and 1862, C.S.S. Atlanta, 1862-1863. Special service abroad, 1864]

William C. C. Claiborne
Died August 24, 1878. aged 70

Arthur Claiborne
Died June 27, 1888 Aged 17

Louise de Balathier
Widow of W. C. C. Claiborne
Died October 21, 1890 Aged 75
A native of Paris, France

Amelie Sonlat du Fossat
Wife of Charles E. Claiborne
Blessings brighten as they take thou flight.

1835 - Clarisse Claiborne - 1901

1845 - Lucie Claiborne - 1915
For the virtuous there is a happier world

1888- Lucie Claiborne - 1919
Beloved wife of Samuel C. Coleman