Source:Arizona, United States. Arizona Gravestone Photos

Source Arizona Gravestone Photos
Place Arizona, United States
Subject Cemetery records
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Arizona Gravestone Photos.
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Arizona Gravestone Photos is the home website for the Arizona Gravestone Photo Project and provides access to the database of photographs that the Project has accumulated.

Usage tips

The site provides several search and browse functions with primary methods based on County and Surname and secondary methods based on Cemetery. Content is not comprehensive as the content model is based on voluntary contribution by and large. Note that hotlinking to individual photographs in the database is prohibited.[1]

The licensing model for the site states that the contributor of a photograph retains copyright of an original photograph, but the Project "claims ownership of the copy" including rights to modify and freely distribute copies of the copy; "use" of the copies, though, requires written permission from the Project, suggesting that copies may not be made and hosted on WeRelate without consent. There is not a specifically stated license agreement, such as GFDL or Creative Commons, which leaves the actual details of licensing open to interpretation.

Notes and references

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