Robbins in Delaware, Indiana, United States

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Delaware, Indiana, United States
Eaton, Delaware, Indiana, United States
Union, Delaware, Indiana, United States

Union Township

Oscar Robbins and Grace Foulke Family

  • Oscar and Grace moved to Delaware County in 1943 from Randolph County. They first purchased a small farm in Union Township the family refers to as the "Cole Farm" because that is the name of the family who ultimately purchased the farm from Oscar and Grace.
  • They next purchased a larger farm consisting of approximately 200 acres and was about 1 mile from the "Cole Farm". The house and barn for this farm was located on present day Delaware County Road 1270N, also in Union Township. Part of the acreage was in Blackford County.
    • They lived here until the death of Oscar in 1959. Grace moved to a small home in Eaton, Delaware County, Indiana.