Repository:Stadtarchiv Jülich (Germany)

Repository Stadtarchiv Jülich (Germany)
Postal Address City Archives Jülich
Head: Dr. Horst Dinstühler
Small Rurstraße 20
52428 Jülich
Place Jülich, Düren, Rheinland, Preußen, Germany
Phone 02461/936320
The city archives of Jülich documented using a variety of historical documents, records, papers, photos and maps and plans Jülicher 450 years history. The written tradition of urban management activity since the great fire of the year 1547.  These include the annual accounts of the city and the inn (hospital) since 16 and the Council minutes since the mid-17th  Century to the outstanding documents.  For the later period, particularly the extensive collection of local newspaper (since 1823) as well as photographic documentation from the time before the destruction of Juelich in November 1944 to mention. Since the 1972 municipal reorganization include the files of the former offices Kirchberg, Koslar and Stetternich to the municipal archives.

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