Repository:Národní knihovna České republiky (Czech Republic)

Repository Národní knihovna České republiky (Czech Republic)
Postal Address The National Library of the Czech Republic
Klementinum 190
110 00 Prague 1
Czech Republic
Place Praha, Praha, Čechy, Czech Republic
Phone +420-221663111

The largest and one of the oldest public libraries with some six million items dating from the eleventh century, including part of Tycho Brahe's library and Mozart's Memorial. Contains details of catalogues, collections, professional activities, and information for publishers, plus the Czech National Bibliography, Uniform Information Gateway, and related links.

The National Library is one of the oldest public libraries in the Czech Republic with collections of a size far outranking any other library in the country. The value of its collections makes it one of the most important libraries both in Europe and in the world. It acquires, preserves, continuously updates, and provides access to rich collections of both domestic and foreign documents, especially of Bohemica and documents from the spheres of social and natural sciences. Historical collections are mostly of Czech and European origin. Main part of them consist of Bohemica, too. The core of the manuscript collection is formed by a set of codices donated by Charles IV to Prague University after the foundation of its first college in 1366. In addition, there are also oriental manuscripts and Greek papyri to be found there. The manuscript collection includes a large number of unique pieces as, for example, the Vysehrad Codex from the year 1085, created for the coronation of the first Czech King Vratislav, the Passional of the Abbess Kunhuta from the year 1312, produced in the scriptorium of the Convent of St. George at Prague Castle, the Velislav Pictorial Bible from the first half of the fourteenth century...

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