Repository:Kingsclere Heritage Association (England)

Repository Kingsclere Heritage Association (England)
Postal Address 57 Garrett Close, Kingsclere, Hants RG20 5SD
Place Kingsclere, Hampshire, England

The object of this project is to make available to historians and family history researchers as much information as possible relating to the history and genealogical records of Kingsclere and its surroundings. We aim to:

record material which is currently in private hands either obtaining custody of originals or, where this is not possible, obtaining copies add to existing sound archives by recording the memories of past and present residents work closely with the Hampshire Record Office and other archives to create a record of source materials and, where possible, to obtain copies of archival records to make them available to the community use the facilities of the Hampshire Record Office for the safe storage of important original material found during our researches publish our research whenever possible hold exhibitions from time to time provide a forum in which local history research can continue in the future invite speakers on associated topics to talk to members.

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