Repository:Kate Sharpley Library (England)

Repository Kate Sharpley Library (England)
Postal Address Kate Sharpley Library
BM Hurricane

PMB 820
2425 Channing Way
Berkeley CA 94704
Place United Kingdom

The Kate Sharpley Library was named in honor of Kate Sharpley, a First World War anarchist and anti-war activist, one of the countless "unknown" members of our movement so ignored by "official historians" of anarchism. The Library was founded in South London in 1979 and reorganized in 1991.We have over 10,000 English language books, pamphlets and periodicals on anarchism, including complete or near complete runs of Black Flag, Direct Action (From 1945 onwards), Freedom, Man, Spain and the World, Freedom (USA), Why, The Blast, Spanish Revolution and a host of others. We have an equally strong collection of posters, leaflets, manuscripts, letters, and internal records, including reports from the IWA (AIT/IAA), the Anarchist Federation of Britain (1945-1950), the Syndicalist Workers Federation (1950-1979), Cienfuegos Press, ASP and many more. Our foreign language section covers a similar range of material in over 20 languages many rare pamphlets and newspapers. ...

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