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Which Boreland? [5 December 2012]

Rick I was tidying up a bit of Scotland just now and I saw you had added Boreland as an "inhabited place".

There is a Boreland village in the present-day Dumfries and Galloway (in the Dumfries-shire part of it), but it is also used as a description of a farm. Many old farms in Scotland were tenanted sections of someone else's estate and Boreland would be a desciptive term for part of the estate.

If you tell me a bit more about the area you are trying to descibe I might be able to pinpoint it--particularly if it's in Dumf and Gall (that's ancestor territory for me).

--goldenoldie 08:50, 3 December 2012 (EST)

I don't know anything more about Boreland than the one reference on the Mary Renwick person page. She was born in Dumfriesshire, so it may be the village you mentioned. I am slowly learning a bit about Scotland since my great-grandfather came from, you guessed it, Moffat. I recently bought and downloaded a small digital booklet (for about $3) from Archive CD Books Canada that was a diary of another Scot's relative describing his journey to Canada. He started out walking from his village, passing through Moffat and eventually arriving in Ontario. It was an interesting glimpse of travel in the 1830's.

Archive CD Books Canada has placed restrictions on reproduction of the content, or I would have created an article.

Our answers crossed. Boreland is not far from Lockerbie and Moffat is in the same area, so that looks like the reference. All three are high up on treeless moors--the road is the "high road" one takes instead of the "low road", if you remember the old song. I've travelled it more than once--the most exciting part of the journey is the Brocks Fireworks Factory made of a whole lot of little huts (so that if one goes bang it misses the next one).

Some day I shall put my Kirkcudbrightshire family in WeRelate. Two other people have done all the spade work so I don't want to steal their thunder. There's a slight hole about 1700, otherwise it goes back and back. --goldenoldie 10:38, 5 December 2012 (EST)

Rick--RGMoffat 10:19, 5 December 2012 (EST)

Finally fixed Boreland [9 March 2013]

Hi Rick

Boreland finally has Dumfriesshire added to its placename.

I had a problem. You were not the only WR member with an ancestor claiming Boreland, Scotland as a birthplace. But the other one was over in Fife and a lot less evident in gazetteers. Fortunately the other ancestor was found in the 1861 census on FamilySearch still in the same part of Fife and the right age.

Regards --goldenoldie 15:35, 9 March 2013 (EST)