Place:Valenzuela, Assumption, Louisiana, United States


Alt namesValenzuela dans La Fourche
Coordinates30.055556°N 91.033056°W
Located inAssumption, Louisiana, United States

Valenzuela was one of the four communities in south Louisiana founded and inhabited primarily by settlers from the Canary Islands (Isleños) imported in family units c.1778 by the Spanish government. Nothing remains at the site today, any foundations having been destroyed long ago by agricultural work, but the community (or at least the associated military post) was located on Bayou Lafourche (in Assumption Parish, not Lafourche Parish), on the later site of Belle Alliance Plantation, the 841-acre grant to Don Juan Vives, early Spanish physician and officer in the Galvez Expedition. Many of the descendants of the original settlers still live in the area.