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Questions [3 May 2014]


A few questions and comments.

What documentation is provided that Zophar was a Doctor?

His wife's maiden name was speculated as Davis - put never proved. Gerald Tudor back many decades ago speculated the name, but when printed in a Carpenter Journal the term speculated was dropped. GT can be reached at:

Zophar is Number 95 in the book "The Carpenter Family in America" by Daniel H. Carpenter, 1901. He is listed as a child on page 79 with the comment of: No further trace.

His father Robert was a miller and found as early as 1722 in North Castle, Westchester, NY. He returned to LI in 1727 to marry (St. George's, Church, Hempstead, LI on 27 Jul 1727 his cousin Elizabeth Carpenter) and returned to Westchester County where his children were born.

Having Zophar born where his father was born is in error. He was born in or near North Castle, Westchester, NY per the record cited.

If no documentation is found or cited, then incorrect information should be removed and noted as speculation.

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This article looks fairly decent. Keep up the good work.

If anyone knows of a living male descendant of this Zophar, please contact me. They may be eligible for a free Y-DNA test.

John R. Carpenter 05:29, 3 May 2014 (UTC)