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Parents & Grandparents [27 November 2013]

I am looking to find Thomas R Gettys parents and grandparents. I have looked through the census and can not find one that for sure lists his parents as there were more than 1 Thomas Gettys in the area of gettysburg around his age. There is confusion of exact birth as some of the census show age that correlates with 1815 and 1820. I have found on family tree online at [1]] which shows a family tree back to Samuel Gettys & Unknown. The issue I have with that, are Samuel was married to Isabella at the time of Williams birth (abt 1782) and there already was a son named William (1757) who was not dead at the time of this Willams birth. I have searched and without being able to find anything to make these connections. I am at a loss as to where to go next. If anyone can help it is greatly appreciated. If the link [2] can be confirmed as accurate then it will give me the information I am looking for other than why the mother is unknown for William (1782).--Parkave777 13:10, 27 November 2013 (UTC)