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While I can't be sure of where Samuel died, I can tell you that he did not live near Jump Mountain. Rather, he lived well to the south in the area around Natural Bridge. Most of his children lived in that area, and I presume that's where he died. As I recall there's a specific church in that area which his family was associated with, and I'd guess he's buried there. At the moment I don't recall the name of the church.

Samuel's parentage is, I think, and open question. He's usually identified with the Wigton Walkers per White 1902, but that appears to be a confusion, as YDNA from descendants do not match up with YDNA from the line of John Walker III, his supposed brother. Its not entirely clear which of these two lines is really descended from John I of Wigton, though I'm inclined to the view that its John III. I can trace John III through descent records back to the Nottingham Lots (Old Chester County, PA), which seems to tie him into the core ancestry of White 1902. I can't do the same for Samuel, though I've not spent as much time on him. I suspect that he came to Natural Bridge from Goochland County, but i can't be sure of that. Q 11:42, 30 March 2009 (EDT)