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Wife of Robert Poage 1700-1774 [15 June 2014]

Can anyone provide proof of his marriage to Elizabeth PRESTON? Records establish that he married Elizabeth RENICK, d/o George the immigrant. I would like to change the page for Robert, but this is a rather major change. Almost everything online says his wife is a Preston, but I'm convinced that is a mistake that has been perpetrated for a long time. Consider:

Elizabeth Renick, daughter of George, married Robert Poage on 02 Jan 1723 at the Abington Presbyterian Church, now Montgomery County PA. [Brittingham, Early Marriages 1708-1800 of Abingdon Presbyterian Church; Genealogical Society of PA – Vol. 229, Records of the Abington, PA Presbyterian Church; Hinke, Church Records, pp. 130-131; Harlow, Renicks of Greenbrier, pp. 2-3 and Appendix B, pp. 4-5; PA Archives, 2nd Series, Vol. IX, p. 195]. NOTE by Betty Renick: "Others have incorrectly cited source of this marriage as PA Archives, 2nd Series, Vol IX page 195. Copy of this volume and page do not show this marriage."

On 7 Mar 1728, George and Margaret RENICK were excommunicated from the Abington Church for breach of covenant and causing divisions within the church (quote): "And likewise ye said Rennick's wife, and his son Wm. Rennick and his wife, also his son-in-law Robert Poke confederates in the same obstinacy with ye said Rennick."

On 25 Jan 1730/31, George was granted 1000 acres near the Susquehanna by James Logan, Secretary to William Penn (quote): "An Early Settler on the Susquehanna: Whereas George Renick, late of Iniskillen, having about eleven years since arrived in the province with the first settlers of Donegal, yet has never obtained leave to settle on any of the proprietor's lands, without which leave he never would presume to attempt it, and being now desirous that himself and three sons, William, Thomas, and Robert and his son-in-law, Robert Polke, might be allowed to settle down on some tract together in one neighbourhood, I therefore think it advisable that pursuant to his request he and his said sons and son-in-law be suffered to enter on the quantity of one thousand acres, near Susquehanna, between Sohataroe and Pextan, and that the same may be marked out to him and his said sons in a regular tract by the surveyor of Lancaster county or his order at the said George's charge, upon this express condition, that he and his said sons and son-in-law shall comply with such terms as shall be proposed by the proprietors or their agents, when lands in those parts shall be granted, or other wise shall quietly quitt the same. Dated at Stenton, the 25th day of January, 1730-1. JAMES LOGAN"

--KayS 00:42, 15 June 2014 (UTC)