Person talk:Robert Edmiston (5)

Redirect [22 February 2009]

I'm not sure why this was redirected to this particular title. Seems like "Robert Edmondson" would be the prefered name. I've not personally researched this as yet, but I've no problem with using the "Edmondson" variant, as we know various family members were shifting over to that spelling in his generation. Perfectly reasonable that he used this spelling. The historical significance of this Robert, is less than that of Col William, so there's less need to worry about the historical niceties. I'd guess that his name probably appears on the records under both spellings, so either surname variant would seem to work. However, giving his name as "Lt", seems a less good change.

Just doing some checking and it looks like the "Lt" as a given name popped up as a result of one of the idiosyncracies of how WeRelate handles names. (Actually, I think there's a bug in the program, and its been triggered during work on this card.) The way the program parses the title data, if you insert a title in the card name when you create it, it will use that title as the given name, and relegate the real given name to a middle name status---which it doesn't include in the title. So this one came out "Lt Edmiston.

So, at a minimum, we need to rename this card to replace the "Lt" with Robert. Whether it goes to "Edmiston" or "Edmondson", or some other variant is probably not so critical. I'd recommend that we look at what the historical record shows us as to what the most common way his name was rendered, and use that; but unless there's a decided predominance in the records, it doesn't much matter which version is used. Let's talk! Q 20:32, 21 February 2009 (EST)

I have corrected it most likely happen when the file was uploaded from GEDCOM file and no one has notice till now....I have found several of mine that I uploaded this happen to...I believe it is right now if it needs more, let us know...--Dlbradley1 21:36, 21 February 2009 (EST)

Looks good to me. There seem to be multiple cards for several people using different variant spellings of the last name Edmondson vs Edmiston, etc. It would probably be good to combine these in some way. Redirect's rather than merges might be the better way to combine. Q 08:44, 22 February 2009 (EST)

King's Mountain [6 March 2009]

Moss 1970 list a number of Edmiston's/Edmondson's at King's Mountain.

That includes 2 Robert Edmiston's---both lieutenants, one listed as "elder", the other as "Jr" I think this Robert 5 is the one listed as Sr.---in which case, he's the one who GWCE identifies as one of his uncles killed at King's Mountain.

The younger Robert Edmiston is presumably either the son of Col William Edmiston (William 5) or his brother William 3. Any ideas which is which?

Q 20:42, 6 March 2009 (EST)