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This SWVP article has been extracted from a longer article on Patrick Porter. An earlier non-wiki version was first published in 1999. In addition to some stylistic issues, information identified since the initial article was published has yet to be fully included. Also, additional source materials need to be added to make this article consistent with others in the Southwest Virginia Project. Specific action items that need to be accomplished.


A. Cleanup [20 May 2008]

Child Articles

The current article includes substantial information about each child of Patrick Porter and Susannah Walker. For the Wiki environment these data need to be separated into independent articles. Those children (notably Samuel Porter son of Patrick) who are included in the SWVP Registery of adult settlers (1769-1777) are particularly needed.


Need to insert county location maps

  • Old Chester County VA
  • Borden's Grant/Rockbridge
  • Caswell County and Moon Creek area
  • Washington, Russell, Scot County

Links articles [20 May 2008]

Links to various "database" articles are needed to those articles that mention Patrick Porter.

  • Southwest Virginia register
  • Militia Rosters

In some cases, back links from these database articles are needed to the Patrick Porter article.

  • Backlinks to Patrick Porter article from registers and Rosters, etc.

B. Research Issues

Patrick Porters Parents [20 May 2008]

Patrick's parents are commonly believed to be Benjamin Porter and Mary Campbell. This couple is identified as his parents in the majority of Family Tree entries on Ancestry. There are a number of reasons to question this

1. No one has ever provided direct supporting evidence to show that this is the case. 2. Those who have examined Benjamin Porter's will tell us that he does not make mention of a son Patrick. 3. The location of Benjamin Porter and Mary Cambell in Orange county, VA is incompatible with Samuel Porter's recollections of the information in the Patrick Porter Sermon Book. That source suggests that the family came to Southeastern Pennsylvania from New England. The presumption is that his parents migrated from the Old Chester County area of Pennsylvania sometime after his birth in 1737, settling on Borden's Grant. It is difficult to reconcile this with the presence of Benjamin Porter and Mary Campbell in Orange County well prior to 1737.

C. Data [20 May 2008]

Data Sources

There is a need for a systematic collection of data related to Patrick Porter showing resources that have been examined, information recovered, and resources that have yet to be examined. Data sources that need to be "grabbed" include:

  1. Southwest Virginia Land Records, (Fincastle, Washington, and Russell Counties)
  2. Southwest Virignia Court Records
  3. Summers 1903
  4. Summers 1929
  5. Kegley "Western Waters" series
  6. Addington's history of Scott County

In addition, certain other non-specific sources need to be scavenged for useful information

  1. Google Books
  2. Ancestry Historic Database
  3. Project Gutenberg

Data Recovery [21 May 2008]

Source:Summers, 1903

No further orders pertaining to Washington county were en- tered by the court until March 2, 1774, on which day Patrick Porter was given leave to build a mill on Falling creek, the waters of Clinch river, this being the first mill erected on Clinch river, so far as the records disclose. On the same day, on the motion of Charles Allison, leave was given him to build a mill on his land, on the South Fork of Hol-

ston, near the head spring.
137Not FoundIndex entry p. 904 of Ancestry's scan of the 1903 work.
367*,**Patrick Porter included in a list of persons that assisted with the erection of the Fort at Hamlin's Mill in 1776.This probably refers to Moore's Fort or Cowan's Fort, both of which were erected in 1774. I've seen no record of a fort as such at Hamblin's Mill. Cowan's Fort, however, lies near by Hamblin's Mill.
389**9 may 1786. Patrick Porter commissioned as "Commissioner of Revenue" along with Samuel Ritchie
473**Not foundA "William Porter" appears on this page
498**Not foundA "William Porter" appears on this page
811*,**April 1 1774, 214 ac on Falling Creek, West side
834**Not foundA "James Porter" appears on this page
838**Not foundA "WJ Porter" appears on this page
904**Index entry for 1903 edition
**Item found in the Ancestry Search index.
*Item found in the Authors index, 1989 Overmountain Press edition
Source:Summers, 1929
Source:Addington, 1932
Source:Kegley and Kegley, 1980
Source:Kegley and Kegley, 1982
Nothing in Index
Source:Kegley and Kegley, 1995
Nothing in Index
Source:Kegley and Kegley, 1998
Nothing in Index

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