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Place of birth [8 July 2014]

Previously someone had inserted Patrick as having emigrated from "Roding, Essex, England|Imported into Orange (later Augusta) County, virginia with children: Frances, Joan, William, Margaret, Catherine and Ruth." This seems to be based in part on the 1740 Oath of immigration. The "list of children" mentioned is not entirely accurate. Frances is identified in later land records as his wife, though he may also have had a child Frances by some accountings. The others (Joan/Jean/Jane, William, Margaret, Catherine, and Ruth) are presumed to be his children. However, the oath also tells us that the family came from Ireland to Phladelphia PA. there's no mention of their having come from Roding, Essex England.

Its conceivable that Patrick, at least, was born in Roding, but evidence for that is needed. Q 15:16, 8 July 2014 (UTC)