Person talk:Lydia Rice (7)


death date [1 July 2012]

I removed death date of "26 Mar 1718 or 1709". No sources, or even marriage (!), was given. Edmund Rice Association says "died 26 May 1718; (death year may be 1709)". At least they give the marriage to James Hawkins, but this is a fairly useless statement to make without elaboration (which they don't). How can a reader assess this without knowing why these two dates are significant?

The husband died in 1709/10 and that date is probably the source of the 1709 statement (but we can't be sure as they don't say). Administration on Lydia's estate was granted on 26 Mar 1718, so the death date could have said BEFORE 26 Mar 1718, but to leave off "before" is misleading. Holman, as now cited, claims Lydia was buried 26 Oct 1717 which is a better estimate and this has been used to replace both of the above. --Jrich 10:59, 1 July 2012 (EDT)