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Which James? [17 December 2009]

A quick examination of data on the web for this person seems inconclusive. There are two James Edmiston's in Augusta County during the time period of our interest. One is the son of David Edmiston=Isabella (the immigrant), and the other is the son of Robert Edmiston (2) son of William (9). At first blush, there seems to be only limited data about these two James. There is NO evidence that I can see to show that this James moves to Washington County VA with others of the family of William (9). That alone may imply that he is not the grandson of William 9, but rather the son of David the immigrant.

A current (Feb 2009) web based genealogy (Branches, Twigs and Leaves) provides some useful information. Notably it points to land transactions which show that a James Edmiston remained in Augusta County until at least 1774. The land involved in these transactions is on the Mary River, adjacent to James Ritchie and Archibald Alexander.

Chalkley's Chronicles, Vol 3, Page 475 --- Augusta County, VA Court DB 15, Page 98 August 10th 1768 --- Samuel McDowell and Mary to James Edmiston, 10 Pds, 170 acres, corner James Ritchey on the Mary; Archibald Alexander's line. Delivered Moses McSpadden by order James Edmiston. Augusta County DB 20, Page 3, 12 August 1774 --- James Edmiston to Moses McSpadden, 10 Pds, 170 acres on the Mary, adjacent James Ritchey, Archibald Alexander. Signed X Sarah is James's Wife and releases dower.

Archibald Alexander is shown on Hildebrand's Map just southeast of the Great Road and Timber Ridge MH. Based on the reference to Archibald Alexander and the Mary River, we can be reasonably confident that the property in question was in the southeastern quarter of Borden's Grant, in the Timber Ridge area. This is somewhat south of where the Edmiston's who came from Cecil County settled, but not all that distant. A David Edmiston is known to have had property in this general area. This David may or may not be David the immigrant, though that David is known to have settled on Beverly's Grant on Elk Creek near Staunton. Its also conceivable that this David is the third known son of William (9), though that would be hard to prove. On the whole, this is a mixed bag.

However, what is clear is that this James Edmiston married a Sarah; Many have him moving to Wilkes County NC. where he dies in 1793, naming wife wife Sarah in his will. This latter record is plausibly for the same couple as lived on the Mary, but other than the similarity of names, I've not yet seen direct evidnce that this is in fact the same couple.

The real problem is whether the James Edmiston who lived on the Mary River, and married Sarah, is the son of Robert Edmiston (2) (as currently shown), or the son of David Edmiston=Isabella, the immigrant. I can make a case either way.

Jim's report (MySource:Genealogy Report for Robert Edmiston (2)) contains some useful information relative to this problem, particularly with respect to a Thomas McSpedden (who owned land in this same area), and George Hays. Among other points it appears that Thomas married Mary Edmiston, a daughter presumably of this James Edmiston. The Sarah who eventually married James Edmiston was previously married to Goerge Hays. I currently know nothing of this George Hays but he may be related to the Hays' who settled on Hays Creek in middle north Borden's Grant. This is the same general area where the Edmiston's of Cecil County settled. Q 22:27, 25 February 2009 (EST)

Yes I agree it is impossible for these dates to be right...I had not caught this before....I have placed what information I originally uploaded: ....I went back to the my hard drive to the file that I uploaded all I had is Robert Edmiston and unknown, father born BET 1695 AND 1705 and died 1750 in Augusta Co. Va.. sons: James (no information), William (Sr.) Edmiston, born 1694 (I believe this date to be wrong), died 1789 in Washington County, Va., I did have William duplicated and his Birth: Est. 1720-1735(closer to right);....then I had two daughters Dorothy (no information) and Jean (Jane) no information....

So I do not know any thing about any of the children except for William--Dlbradley1 23:33, 25 February 2009 (EST)

I hadn't as yet focused on the date aspect of it. I usually take most dates with a large grain of salt until I have a reason for accepting something, and I don't know if I have a good reason yet for accepting or rejecting any of the dates I'm seeing. By the way, Jean, the second daughter of Robert, could arguably be his wife. Chalkley's abstract is unclear, and Jean is listed as a "Legatee" with role as wife listed as a possibility. If she's either a wife or a daughter, listing her as "legatee" seems odd. Don't know her real relationship to Robert. Lots of folks list her as the wife, but lost of folks list her as a daughter. Might be neither.
I notice that the will of the James Edmiston who died in Wilkes county c. 1794, indicates that he still owned land in Virignia, so that's one data element that might indicate he came from Augusta County. The land was given to eldest son "Robert Edmondston". "robert" as the eldest son's name would be consistent with nameing practices that have the eldest son named after the paternal grandfather, which again supports, but does not prove, a connection to Robert Edmiston who died on Borden's Grant. Q 08:16, 26 February 2009 (EST)