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Red Flag [29 August 2015]

Noticed the red flag added claiming there were no descendant's of this Jacob's parents. It certainly seems likely that this Jacob Stover was the one listed as the Administrator of his father's estate on his person page.--Delijim 18:15, 29 August 2015 (UTC)

Pages 150-51. Jacob Stover. Inventory. Made in obedience to order of 26 March 1741. Appraisers sworn before John Lewis, Gent. Total valuation £155.03.03 including two slaves valued at £43 and debt of John Barton of £3.7.8. A note of Jacob Die at £0.13.1½ is not included in the total. [Names of the appraisers are not shown]. 28 May 1741. Returned by Jacob Stover, admr. [Orange County Will Book 1, Dorman, pg. 30].
You are quite correct. It most certainly is possible. I was working from the source at hand (The Boone Society's claim to the most accurate genealogy as of 2008) and trying to clean up the messes left behind by so many gedcom merges. However, even they admit that their's is a work in progress. If you feel comfortable that the facts are there to support it, by all means update it (and we could alert The Boone Society as well, who have asked for corrections when warranted). That being said, I do recall reading that there were other Stover/Stauffer/etc. families in the area at the time, so it might take some extra precaution to ensure that the records belong to the right family. I have no specific interest in the Stovers other than my general interest in the families who made the VA-KY-IN migration. It seems that we share this interest. --Cos1776 18:36, 29 August 2015 (UTC)