Person talk:Elizabeth Feake (11)

Wood's identification of her as Elizabeth Winthrop [10 July 2010]

I removed the comment about Arnold Wood, who has her as "Elizabeth, daughter of Henry Winthrop, who was a son of Henry Winthrop and Elizabeth (Fones)". This makes no sense as written, as there was no son of Henry Winthrop and Elizabeth Fones, and if there had been, he would not have been old enough to have a daughter who married in 1659 when he himself would only have been born between his putative parents' marriage in 1629 and his father's drowning in 1630. Presumably what Wood is trying to suggest is that Elizabeth was the posthumous daughter of Henry Winthrop and Elizabeth Fones, but raised as Elizabeth Feaks? However, he presents no evidence to support this. Henry and Elizabeth married in Apr 1629, Henry left for New England Mar 1630 with his wife pregnant, she delivered their only child Martha May 1630, he drowned in New England July 1630, Elizabeth embarked Aug 1630, arriving in New England Nov 1630. The only way they could have had a child besides Martha would be for it to be born before their marriage. So this theory is bordering on preposterous, especially given the large number of correspondence and documents in existence concerning the Winthrop family. Even with evidence, this would be a hard case to sell... --Jrich 23:01, 10 July 2010 (EDT)