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Land Records [19 April 2009]

I've integrated the land record and inset property map provided by Delijim into the main text. The object here is to make the text of the overview a continuous narrative. There probably needs to be some additional work on David's land holdings, with additional reference to the Edmondson Notebook for Rockbridge county. probably also need an additional map showing the overall location of the Elk Creek property in relationship to larger scale county features--like proximity to Staunton, etc.Q 21:28, 19 April 2009 (EDT)

Importation [22 March 2009]

A key record for this David Edmiston of Augusta County, is his oath of importation.

This is partially (and inaccurrately) quoted by Source:Morton, 1920, but a more complete transcription is given in The Edmondson Family Association Bulletin. Published by M.P. Humphries, v.26-31 1993-1999, given in snippet view at Google Books

David Edmiston came into court and made oath that he imported himself, Isabella, Jesse, John, William, Rachell, David, and Moses Edmiston, and also Jesse Gelesby, and James Daley of Ireland to Philadelphia and from thence into this colony at his own charge and that this is the first time of proving his and their rights [in order to obtain land, which is ordered to be certified]

Source:Jones, 2005 Gives this slightly differently:

Orange Co. VA, OB III, 208. 24 July 1740. Before Justices Robert Slaughter, James Pollard, Henry Field, Samuel Ball, Morgan Morgan and John Lewis, David Edmiston appeared and made oath that he imported himself, Isabell, James or Jesse, John, William, Rachel, David & Moses Edmiston, and Jessie Golesby [Gillespie?] and James Daley of Ireland to Philadelphia and from there to this colony.

The substantive differences between these versions are that the Jones version

a) gives the specific citation for this record,
b) gives the second person as "Isabell" instead of Isabella
c) identifies the third person as "James or Jesse" instead of Jesse
d) identifies "Jesse Gelesby" as "Jessie Colesby [Gillespie?]

Jones also goes on to say that "Jesse" is given in various transcriptions (presumably Morton, 1920), but his reading of the original record is that it is clearly "James.