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Some researchers have assumed that Andrew Cowan (5) of Jefferson County, TN was the same person as Andrew Cowan (6) of Washington County, VA, but there is evidence that this is not true. Please consult with User:Quolla6 before considering removing the nomerge templates.


Data Collection [2 September 2008]

from Patricia Taylor

2. Zella Armstrong's Notable Southern Families (Vol 2, I think), pages 134-5 under the Lyle family, gives a history of Elizabeth Lyle Thompson Donald/Donnel, daughter of Mattllew Lyle of Rockbridge Co, and her daughters by James Thompson, Esther Thompson, Mary Thompson, who married Samuel Wear, and Jane Thompson, who married first James Walker then Andrew Cowan, "who had, by a previous marriage, six children." Armstrong says she d near Dandridge, TN, which is in Jefferson Co.

The original of the marriage banns or license of Andrew Cowan and Jean Walker issued in 179_ in the Territory of the United States of America south of the river Ohio, from the Jefferson Co archives.

Samuel Ware,Jane/Jean's b-in-law is the witness. She is shown as both Jane and Jean in various Jefferson Co court records. Armstrong states that Colonel Samuel Ware was at King's Mt.

3.First Families of TN Book issued by the E TN Historical Society.

Andrew Cowan, b 1741 in Augusta Co VA d c 1799 in Jefferson Co, TN is shown as having settled in Green Co in 1792-proof Land grant in the While his first wife is not named in the book, his second wife is shown as Jean Thompson Walker.


From other source:

Elizabeth Donnel and James Thompson had 3 daughters: 1. Ester, wife of John McSpadden of Jefferson Co, TN 2. Mary, wife of Samuel Weir of Siever Co, TN and 3 Jean b 1761 in Co Antrim, Ireland, married 1) James Walker (?-1791), 3 children; m 2) Andrew Cowan in Jefferson Co, TN

From TN Genealogy

From Jefferson County USGENWEB

Affidavit of Elizabeth Thompson November Term, 1796, Pleas and Quarter Sessions Book 1, Page 138:

Elizabeth Donnell widow and relict of James Thompson, dec'd, of the county of Antrim, Ireland. Elizabeth had three daughters:

Esther, eldest; wife of John McSpadden, of Jefferson County; was born in the county of Antrim on 08 August 1756
Mary, second; wife of Samuel Weir, of Sevier County; was born in Antrim 01 November 1758
Jean, third and youngest; wife of Andrew Cowan, of Jefferson County; was born in Antrim in August, 1761. She first married ______ Walker and had three children by him.
Elizabeth affirmed that her daughters were the true and lawful heirs of the estate of James Thompson.

Laura Cowan Cooper

From Laura Cowan Cooper

Jane Thompson Walker married Andrew Cowan in Jefferson County, Tennessee. This is thought to be one of the oldest marriage bonds on file. This is where the name is now Jean Walker. Information from Jefferson County, Tennessee Marriage Records 1792-1870 by Virginia Carlisle d'Armand has the marriage record listed as Cowan, Andrew to Jean Walker; bond; Samuel Wear, 179? With the last date being hard to read.

Cindy Stamp [4 September 2008]

From Cindy Stamp

Re: Andrew Cowan in TN Posted by: Cindy Henslee Stamps Date: June 04, 2000 In Reply to: Andrew Cowan in TN by Gale Rose Mathis

Andrew Cowan died in Jefferson Co. TN 1798, leaving minor children by his first wife, Mary Walker, who was dead, and also by his 2nd wife, Jean Thompson Walker (lst marriage to James Walker). There was a court record when the older children of his first marriage went to court to be declared guardians of their brothers. Children:

1. John (m. Leah Lewis)
2. Robert (m. Jean McSpadden)
3. Samuel (m. Polly Walker Rogers)
4. Ann (m. Jas. Roddy--there are 2 Jas. Roddys)
5. Jane (m. Saml. Roan)
6. Sally (m. Wm. Hughes)
7. Martha (m. Joseph Dixon)
8. Mary (m. Hugh Dixon)
9. James (m. Betsy Doherty)
10. Andrew (m. Mary Reneau)
11. Wm. (no data)
12. David (no data)

Three youngest were minors and needed guardians. Also 3 sons by 2nd marriage; their mother was their guardian; she married Joseph Ellis shortly Andrew's death.

from [From Al Turman apparently giving the references for the above source

To Anita and others researching Andrew and Mary Walker. Sorry I don't
have more specific sources. I found this years ago. I do have these
sources for the guardianship of his children.
All records are from Jefferson Co. TN:
Court minute Book 1808 (19 Oct), p. 212
Court Minute Book 1810, p. 140
Guardian Reports, p. 4.

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