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FUBAR [10 June 2009]

This page is messed up. It appears that pages of various quality pages were merged together, with a result having the lowest common quality level, i.e., junk. The merge appears to have been justified given the garbage that existed beforehand. GIGO.

[I can't resist a small editorial comment about the sources cited.] How can NEHGR be called questionable quality but sealings to parents (the IGI sources given referred to a film number that is sealings to parents) is primary quality? As near as I can tell, the Mormon Church applies no quality control to its member's submitted data, and even that temple rites were done, promises no higher quality than a GEDCOM downloaded from some random website. NEHGR is not primary, but at least it does some vetting of their authors and requires a certain academic standard in regards to their submitted data. Certainly, modern issues, like vol. 151 with its article on John Shaw of Plymouth, seem to provide footnotes identifying the primary data that the genealogy is based on. [off soapbox]

This page is an admixture of two Abigail Shaws. One appears to be the daughter of John Shaw and Alice Phillips born, it appears, in CT in the latter half of the 1600s. The other was the daughter of John Shaw and Alice Unknown (or some previous wife, it being suspected Alice was not the mother of John's children, but the existence of a previous wife being unsupported by any documented fact) that was born in Plymouth in the early 1600s. The latter one married Stephen Bryant. Presumably the other one is the Abigail that married Richard Davenport. I know neither family, but I will be trying to clean up this page by collecting easily accessible sources and documenting justifiable facts. This page appears so hopelessly jumbled that I think it is easier to dedicate this one page to one of the Abigails and let the other Abigail be recreated from scratch. Since I came at this from the John Shaw of Plymouth family, that is the Abigail I will keep. If nobody notices before I finish, I will eventually recreate the other one as well, but it may take a while to get there. Feel free to take on the other Abigail if you notice before I get there. --Jrich 10:48, 10 June 2009 (EDT)

Removed Family:John Shaw and Alice Phillips (2) and Family:John Shaw and Alice Phillips (5) since they appear to have been married too late to be the parents of this Abigail Shaw.
Removed marriage Family:Richard Davenport and Abigail Shaw (1) since Abigail Shaw of Plymouth was married to Stephen Bryant until her death.
Removed unsourced birthdate: 15 Jul 1672 in Place:Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts, United States since was married by 1663 as documented by a deed of gift from her father.
Removed reference to AFN 4W01-50 which seems to have a myriad of conflicting and obviously wrong data on it, including a marriage to Stephen Bryant in 1633 or 1646 but one set of parents not themselves married until 1655, and a birth in 1672 but one of the listed mothers dying in 1654.
Removed several sources if not sure what they represented (which I could only judge by what they are linked to as nobody gave abstracts), as it is clear some must have applied to a different Abigail Shaw. In particular, sources linked to the name field, since any Abigail Shaw would have the same name, without proving it was the correct Abigail Shaw they referred to.

--Jrich 11:50, 10 June 2009 (EDT)

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