Person:William Woody (3)

William Woody
b.1730 England
Facts and Events
Name[1][2] William Woody
Gender Male
Birth[3][4][5] 1730 England
Laura Steverson <> has Immigration: 1750 To VA 

Note: William Woody I and Sarah Persell (Lady) were natives of England who emigrated from England and settled on the Potomac River, State of Virginia,where Jonathan was born. After his birth his father and mother moved to South Carolina. She has his father as Name: Joseph Woody Birth: 1669 in Ireland Death: 1732 in Ireland

Found at WILLIAM2 WOODY (JOSEPH1) was born Bet. 1720 - 1724 in Kent England, and died 1795 in South Carolina. He married LADY SARAH PERSEL 1748 in England. She was born 1732 in Kent England, and died 1815.

Notes for WILLIAM WOODY: William Woody and wife Sarah landed on the Virginia Coast from England in 1750. William migrated to the Dan River area. Jonathan was born here. They lived in Bedford County Virginia and came there between 1748 and 1750. They had 8 children born there. When the children were half grown, the family moved to the northern prt of Surry County, NC. The four sons were William, James, Jonathan, and Talton(Tarleton). William, James and Jonathan were soldiers of the Revolution, but Talton Woody took the oath of allegiance to the Crown. All of this family including grandparents, all the children except two daughters, and the grandchildren, were in Greenville, SC for the 1790 census. By 1800 Talton had returned to Wilkes County, NC: James went soon after. Talton died in Ashe County, NC in 1828 James died in Albany, Kentucky.

By 1802 Jonathan and William were in Buncombe County NC. Haywood County was formed for part of Buncombe in1808: and in Haywood County the brothers Jonathan and William were recorded as bondsmen for marriages performed on Sept. 28, 1811, May 31, 1815 and Oct. 3, 1827.

William was probably the father of Jeremiah Woody born between 1780 and 1790 in Buncombe County, NC. Jeremiah Woody died of dropsey between 1844 when his youngest child was born, and 1850, when his wife was head of family in Marshall County, Tennessee. Jeremiah had a sister Polly Woody, who married Charles Cook on 21 January and a brother Beverly Woody who married Dilla Ellis on Aug. 11, 1821. These dates give an approximate time period for Jeremiah's marriage to Mary Ann Elllis sister of Dilla and daughter of cxharles Ellis. Mary Ann Ellis was born about 1810, Judging by the quite consistent census records, and died on July 23, 1874 of typhoid fever in Franklin County, ILL. Her grandsons worte that she weighed over 200 pounds.

In 1830, Jeremiah and Mary Ann Ellis Woody were living in Haywood County, NC. Most important, Mary Ann gave the name "Dewoody" to the census taker. Hence forth for their family the name DeWoody or Dewoody. About 1855 the Dewoodys including the married children excepting Sophia, moved to Limestone County, AL. Then in July or August 1861 Mary Ann with her children, again excepting Sophia, moved from Alabama to southern Illinois. A few weeks later on Nove 20, 1861, her youngest sons George Wade and William Dallas Dewoody enlisted in the Company D 16th Illinois Infantry, and early in 1862 Jeremiah Charles her first son and his son Marion Francis enlisted in Company I of the same regiment.

Thelma Perry Nelson to Charlotte and Jim Woody July 5, 1977

William Woody died at the residence of Mr. Silas Woody on Spring Creek, Buncombe County, NC on the 17th of August he was 114. He was a soldier in the War of Independence, and for a great many years an orderly and acceptable member of the Baptist Church.

Children of WILLIAM WOODY and LADY PERSEL are: 2. i. JAMES3 WOODY, b. June 15, 1752, Bedford County VA; d. 1852, Clinton County Kentucky. 3. ii. WILLIAM WOODY, b. 1754, Bedford County VA; d. 1849, Spring Creek, Buncombe County, North Carolina. 4. iii. JONATHAN WOODY, b. June 15, 1756, Surry County, North Carolina; d. Aft. April 15, 1850, Iowa. 5. iv. TARLETON WOODY, b. 1758, Surry County, NC; d. December 07, 1828, Ashe County NC.

    v.        ELIZABETH WOODY, b. 1760, Surry County NC; m. WADKINS.
    vi.       NANCY WOODY, b. 1762; m. JOHN SLAYTON.
    vii.           SARAH WOODY, b. 1764; m. ABNER NORRIS.
    viii.          MARY WOODY, b. 1766; m. JOHN DAVIS(JACK OF DIAMONDS). has that Joseph Woodie was his father and Ann Rose was his mother. They were married 16 Jul 1691, Westerfield, Suffolk, England

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