Person:William Sansing (8)

William (twin) Sansing
d.Bef 1764
m. Abt 1739
  1. Peter Sansing1739 - Abt 1790
  2. Lucretia SANSING1740 -
  3. James Sansing1742 -
  4. William (twin) Sansing1744 - Bef 1764
  5. John (twin) Sansing1744 - Bef 1764
  6. Charles SansingAbt 1747 - Abt 1831
  7. Susannah SANSING1750 -
  8. Mildred SANSING1752 -
Facts and Events
Name William (twin) Sansing
Alt Name _____ Sensing
Gender Male
Birth[2] 17 Feb 1744 Virginia, United States
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Death[1] Bef 1764
  1. Will of James Sensing, Bute Co. NC.
  2. Family Notes per User:JGallagher.

    Surry Co... Virginia, Albemarle Parish Register
    SANSENICK, James and Margarett [I have been told, German spelling for Sensing]
    LUCRETIA, 9/22/40, Wm Knight, Hannah Felts, Rebecca Harris
    JAMES, 3/4/42, John Bullock, Beng. Adams, Anne Bullock
    JOHN, 2/17/44, John Ellis, Edmund Pate, Sarah Roberts
    WM.., twin, 2/17/44, John Ellis, Edmund Pate, Anne Pate

    John and William were born in Virginia, but apparently did not survive. At least, no one seems to have found them later. That swamp they lived near doesn't sound very healthy to me. The Godparent's names have always been interesting. I have tried to trace some of them with very limited luck. John Ellis bought the Sensing land in March 45/46.

    Sensing is spelled several different ways in the index to these records. Godparents for other children include Joseph Sansenick (probably James), Mary (Margt?), and Eliza (can't explain her at all) I have seen photocopies of the original handwritten records; they are difficult to read.