Person:William Kerr (101)

William Kerr
b.2 JUN 1756
d.1 JAN 1843 Dearborn, Indiana
m. BEF 1745
  1. Sarah Kerr1745-1752 -
  2. Mary "Nancy" Kerr1745 - 1816
  3. Agnes Kerr1747-1753 -
  4. David Kerr, of Coddle Creek, Rowan County, NCest 1750 - 1805
  5. Ellinor Kerr1752 - 1816
  6. Catherine KerrABT 1755 - 1804
  7. William Kerr1756 - 1843
  8. John KerrABT 1759 - 1774
  9. Isabella Kerr1760-1767 -
  10. Ann KerrABT 1764 - AFT 1846
m. 25 JAN 1785
  1. Jane Kerr1785 -
  2. David Kerr1787 -
  3. Mary Ann Kerr1789 - 1843
  4. Catherine KerrABT 1791 -
  5. Robert Kerr1793 -
  6. William A. Kerr1797 -
  7. Walter Kerr1799 -
  8. Nancy Brown Kerr1804 -
Facts and Events
Name William Kerr
Gender Male
Birth[1] 2 JUN 1756
Marriage 25 JAN 1785 Guilford County, North Carolinato Elizabeth Aiken
Death[1] 1 JAN 1843 Dearborn, Indiana

Marriage Index: Guilford County, NC Kerr, WilliamSpouse : Aken, Elizabeth Marriage date : Jan 27, 1785

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154. William[8] Kerr (David, 203) (A234). Born, 2 Jun 1756, in NC[117]. Died, 1 Jan 1843, in Dearborn, IN[117]. Census: 1790, in Guilford Co., NC. Census: 1810, in Guilford Co., NC. 1790 census reads 0310110020100. The AIS indicates 1 male over 16, 1 under 16, and 3 females in 1790 (?) He is on the same page as David Kerr, Sr.; He was the only William Kerr reported in Hughes (1988) who reported that he first bought land in 1778 and that he lived at D5 on the map...along with a David Kerr22 who acquired land in 1762. The 1800 census recorded him as William Carr, 4 males under 10, 1 male 10-16 and one male over 45; 1 female under 10, two 10-16, and one 26-45. William Kerr was said to be "of Irish ancestry." (Dearborn Co. Hist 1915) "A Roster of the Revolutionary Ancestors of the Indiana Daughters of the Revolution", p. 356: "He fought under General Green at the Battle of Guilford Court House. Col. Washington (not George was commander of the brigade. He was also in Colonel Green's Company and took part in the battle of Cowpens. King's Mountain and Guilford Court House. Capacity Private, N.C. Military Service Number 174435." He applied for a Revolutionary War pension 21 Feb. 1835, stating that he was living in Guilford County at the time of his enlistment, that he was born on June 2, 1756, and that he'd moved to Dearborn County in 1816. From William Kerr's Pension File: "State of Indiana Dearborn County "On the twenty first day of February ss 1835 personally appeared before me one John Livingston Judge of the Probate Court of Dearborn County William Kerr a resident of Laughery Township in the county of Dearborn and State of Indiana aged seventy-nine years on the 2nd day of June next, who being first duly sworn according to law doth on this oath make the following declaration in order to obtain the benefit of the Act of Congress passed 7th June 1832. "That he entered the Service of the United States under the following named officers and served as herein stated that he entered the Regular Army in the North Carolina State troops as a substitute for his brother David Kerr the year and month he cannot at this time recollect, that he entered the regiment commanded by Col. Alexander Martin, Major Anthony Sharf, and company commanded by Capt. Patrick McC----y and Lieu. William Deut, that he was also acquainted by one Capt John Nelson, who belonged to the same regiment. that he served in said company as substitute as aforsaid the full period of eighteen months that he entered said service in said company at Guilford Courthouse was marched from there into the State of Virginia and from there into South Carolina to Charleston, and was discharged in S. Carolina he thinks on the Peedee- that he was in no battles or skirmishes during said service of 18 months and had a regular discharge which he lost. That at the time he entered the service he resided in Guilford Co., NC. "That after a short time after he returned from the 18 months, he volunteered against the Tories but the year and month he cannot recollect, that he was in a volunteer company commanded by Capt. Arthur Forbes, Lieu. William Wiley and ensign William Gilmore(?), that the company with several other volunteer companies met in Anson Co., N.C. and was commanded by Col. James Martin. And as he thinks Major John Nelson that he volunteered for a tour of 3 months, but did not have the whole time was left out six weeks at least, and perhaps 8 weeks- that he was marched from his place of rendezvous in Anson Co. into South Carolina was in no battles, was acquainted with no regular officers this tour, was marched back to North Carolina where he was discharged regularly but has lost his certificate of discharge and that he was discharged in Guilford Co., N.C. but the year and month he cannot recollect. "that the next fall after his last mentioned tour but the year & month he cannot recollect he was drafted in the N.C. militia for 3 mo. at Guilford Courthouse that he was commanded by Gen. Griffith Rutherford Col. John Pasely Capt. Arthur Forbes Lieu William Wiley and ensign William Gilmore. That he was marched from Guilford to Charleston S.C. from there to Augusta on the Savannah, where he remained until his time was expired when he returned to Salesbury Roan County North Carolina where he was discharged by Gen. Rutherford but has lost his certificate that he was in no battles was acquainted with no regular officers and served the full period of five months but cannot recollect the time when he was discharged. "That a short time after his last mentioned discharge he turned out as a volunteer during the War of the Revolution and met at Salesbury aforesaid. the day and year he cannot state. was Sergeant in a company of horse commanded by Capt. John Gallasby Lieu. Daniel Gallasby- Major White, Col. Wm R. Davey and Gen. Davidson that he was marched to S.C. was in a skirmish on the edge of S.C. with the tories in Mahabs line(?) where they took 90 horses and 80 prisoners from the tories where the British army appeared in sight before they left the ground- shortly after which skirmish he was marched back to Guilford that he served in this tour in the capacity of Sergeant 5 months. "That in a very short time after his return from the above tour he was again called out, served in the same company, where Capt. Gallasby became Col. Lieu. Gallasby was made Capt. George Parks Liu. and he was made cornet, left Guilford Courthouse went to Salisbury, thence to Macklenburg Co., thence to Camden, thence to Charlotte Courthouse where they joined the regular army as near as he can at this time recollect under Gen. Morgan- that during this time he was in the battle at Guilford Courthouse was acquainted with Gen, Green of the regular army that Gen. Davidson was killed at the Shallowford of the Adkin River where he fell under the command of Col. Washington, that he was in the battle of Cowpens, and Eutaw Springs, that he was in a skirmish with the British at Charlotte, where Col Davey was his commander- that after the battle of Guilford he marched under Gen. Green into Virginia, and was at the Surrender of Cornwallis, though not in the battle. that after the surrender of Cornwals he was marched back to North Carolina and discharged, but cannot recollect the name of the Gen. who gave him his discharge that during his last tour he served as volunteer in the capacity of cornet for the period of six months, that at this time he cannot recollect any of the periods when he entered or left the service that he resided in Guilford Co., n.C. during all the time he was in the service, and since then until 1816 when he removed to Dearborn County and State of Indiana where he has since lived, that he was born in the year 1756, that he has a record of his age now in his possession- that he had a commission when he was cornet which was signed by the then Governor of North Carolina which has since been destroyed or lost, that he is acquainted with Davis Weaver, William Glenn, Robert Moore Jacob Harwood & others of his present neighborhood who are acquainted with his character for veracity and their belief of his service as a soldier of the Revolution... his William X Kerr mark" Alva Churchill, a clergyman residing in Laughery Twp. as well As Davis Weaver swore that they believed him. David Kerr swore that he could not take His father to court to make his declaration because of "bodily infirmity." The claim was not allowed because William could not prove 6 months service. Robinson & Stoesen (ca. 1980): "Then there was Colonel Arthur Forbis, who lived on the Alamance and led a company of volunteers composed of the Allisons, the Kerrs, the Paisleys, the Wileys and others, most of whom were his neighbors. This company was placed in the front rank [at the Battle of Guilford Courthouse]. When the fighting began, they stood firm and fired a number of times according to their command." Guilford Co. Deeds: Kerr, William, Grant from the State of North Carolina, 13 Nov 1779. "A Tract of land containing three hundred Acres lying and being in our County of Guilford On the Waters of Allamance beginning at a post oak Sapling on David Lows line on the North side of Allemance. Runing thence East crossing a branch thirty nine chains to a hickory grub near a marked Post Oak thence West thirty nine chains to a small Hickory and post oak Sapling in John Smiths line thence South on Same line to the corner and continued to the Beginning Seventy Six Chains and Ninety five links for the rest of this Grant. William Kerr to William Gorrell, both of Guilford Co., 2 Feb 1785, for £100. "...On the waters of Alamance...Beginning at a post oak saplin of David Lows line on the north side of Alamance runing thence east crossing a branch thirty nine chain to a hickory grub near a marked post oak thence north seventy six chains and ninety five links to a post and thence west thirty nine Chain to a small Hickory and post oak saplin in John Smiths Line thence south on said line to the corner and continued to the beginning seventy six chains and ninety five Links containing three hundred acres of land..." Etc. William Kerr (seal) Witnesses: David Kerr, Ann her + mark Kerr Stockard (1902): From the minutes of the Guilford Court of Pleas 1782-1787, "Ordered that Col. John Peasly, Col. John Gillespie, John Forbes, William Kerr, Thomas Wiley, John Foster, Thomas Landwith, Moses Cramer, Andrew Wilson and John MacAdoo be a Jury to lay out a road from the Highrock ford on Haw River to the County line at Elisha Mendenhall's Mill." Guilford Co. Deeds: Kerr, William BOS from John Galbraith K-283 ca. 1809 Kerr, William, of Guilford Co., from John McAdow, of Dickson Co., TN, 24 Oct 1809, filed 4 Feb 1815, for $50. "...on the waters of Buffalow Creek Beginning at a pine and Turning thence East Sixty seven poles to a grub on William Armfields line thence south along his line one hundred and twenty poles to a Black Jack thence West Sixty Seven poles to Bush thence along David Gillaspies line North one hundred & twenty poles to the first Station containing fifty acres..." Etc. Signed John McAdow (seal Witnesses: John Howell, John Gullett. Kerr, William to Ralph Gorrell, both of Guilford Co., 13 Sep 1814, for £510 "...being a certain tract of land which David Kerr Dec'd --- by his last will & Testament bearing date " 19 Nov 1802 "and by his sd Last Will & Testament did Devise the following Tract of land to his Son William Kerr...Beginning at a Parcel of Small Racks (?) whereon stood Two white Oaks & on the South Side of south Buffalo Creek on Adam Lacknon line running thence North Crossing a Small Branch of the Creek Eighty poles to a Black and Sweet Gum on S. Lackey's line one on Each side of a small Branch thence went forty one poles to an Ash & Two White Oaks & Ellum Tree thence North Crossing Two Small Branches Two hundred & fifteen poles along Duff's line to a post oak thence south on John Hanner's line Eighty poles to a post oak thence East seventeen poles to a post Oak thence South Crossing a Branch one hundred Sixty poles to a grub in S. Gorrells line thence East Crossing the eek three Times along and with the sd Ralph Gorrell's line Two hundred & seventy nine poles to a Bent Hickory Grub thence North eighty three poles to Walter McConnell's line thence west forty poles to the first station Containing by Estimation three hundred & forty acres...more at less..." Etc. William Kerr (seal) Witnesses: Jos Davis, David Kerr. Kerr, William to James H. Starrat, both of Guilford Co., NC, 15 Sep 1814, for $75. On the "...waters of South Buffalow. Beginning at a pine & turning thence East Sixty Seven Poles to a grub in Wm Armfields line thence South along his line one hundred & twenty poles to a Black Jack thence west Sixty Seven poles to a White Oak Saplen thence along David Gallaspies line one hundred and twenty poles to the first station Containing 20 acres..." Etc. Signed William Kerr (seal). Witnesses: James Dunning, David Kerr. William was not on the 1815 Guilford Co. tax list. History of Ohio and Dearborn Counties: The biography of his son Walter Kerr states that he "received no education...The mother died in 1814, and the father moved to this county in 1816 with his children...All through his [William's] life he was a farmer. He and his wife were members of the Presbyterian church." A William Kerr and John Armstong entered 15 Nov 1817 NW1/4 S26 T3N R2W of the First Principal Meridian, Switzerland Co., Indiana. Guilford County History: "One band of Scotch-Irish came from Lancaster, Co., Pennsylvania; another poured into the province by way of Charleston, South Carolina. These two streams met in Central Guilford." Hughes (1988): "There was an influx of Ulster Scots starting about 1765, continuing for more than twenty years."

He married Elizabeth Aiken (155) (A235), 27 Jan 1785, in Guilford, NC[1


i. Jane[7] Kerr. Born, 20 Dec 1785[117]. She married Brown.

ii. David Kerr. Born, 19 Apr 1787, in Guilford Co., NC[159]. Died in Dearborn Co., IN[160]. Census: 1850, in Laughery Twp., Dearborn Co., IN. Census: 1860, in Hogan Twp., Dearborn Co., IN. Census: 1820, in Wilmington, Dearborn Co., IN. Occupation: Farmer. He married Sarah Flake, daughter of Adam Flake and Elizabeth Stuff, 23 Jan 1817[160].

iii. Mary Ann Kerr. Born, 9 Jan 1789[117]. Died, 5 May 1843, in age 54[25]. Burial in Riverview Cem., Dearborn Co., IN. She married William McBride.

98 iv. Catherine Kerr.

v. Robert Kerr. Born, 4 Jul 1793[117].

vi. William A. Kerr. Born, 2 Feb 1797, in NC[161]. Census: 1850, in Wilmington, Dearborn Co., IN. Census: 1840, in Laughery Twp., Dearborn Co., IN. He married Eliza.

vii. Walter Kerr. Born, 23 Apr 1799, in Guilford, NC[162]. Died, 1901. Census: 1850, in Laughery Twp., Dearborn Co., IN. Census: 1860, in Hogan Twp., Dearborn Co., IN. Occupation: Farmer,Deputy. He married Elizabeth Russell, daughter of William Russell and Mary, 13 Sep 1821[163].

viii. Nancy Kerr. Born, 13 Dec 1804.

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