Person:William Holmes (27)

William Holmes
Facts and Events
Name[1] William Holmes
Alt Name William Homes
Gender Male
Birth[1] circa 1670 County Donegal, Republic of Ireland
Graduation[2] 2 Mar 1693 City of Edinburgh, ScotlandEdinburgh University
Death[1] Oct 1734 Urney, Northern Ireland

According to the Fasti of the Irish Presbyterian Church, Rev. William Holmes wa born near Donoghmore, Co Donegal. He is said to have beeen a cousin of Rev. William Homes of Strabane. Since he was younger he is often referred to as William Holmes, Jr to differentiate him from his cousin.

He attended the University of Edinburgh and received his MA on 2 Mar 1693. He was licensed by the Church of Scotland. He joined the Laggan Presbytery, 25th June 1695 and was ordained at Urney (near Strabane) 22 December 1696. He was suspended in 1697 for scandalous carriage in the house of Mrs Rowatt. He was reinstated in January 1698. He died October 1734.

Note – Rev William Holmes, Antrim (1730 -1750) was a son.

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