Person:William Henderson (170)

William Hugh Stephen Henderson
b.10 DEC 1829 Oswego, NY, US
d.10 FEB 1861 Omega, Nevada, CA, US
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m. 02 SEP 1852
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  3. Ashton Marvin Henderson1859 -
Facts and Events
Name[1][2] William Hugh Stephen Henderson
Gender Male
Birth[1][2][3] 10 DEC 1829 Oswego, NY, US
Marriage 02 SEP 1852 Boone, IL, USto Weltha Adaline Henry
Death[2][4] 10 FEB 1861 Omega, Nevada, CA, US
Reference Number? 5641

Letter from Dr. Wm. H. G. Henderson to his wife Weltha:

Omega, California Dec. 10th, 1859

It is with sad feelings that I sit down to pen you a few lines. I am well at present. I hope these lines will find you and the children well and enough to eat, for I have seen a number of times that I could not get enough but at present we have plenty.

I am in hopes that we shall make something between this and next spring and then we are going into the river Yuba. The water is so high that we cannot do anything on the river, not until the first of June. Lo and I have six claims here and 2 on the River. If I make enough to pay my way home next fall, you will see one fellow taking a bee line for his Wife and Children. For a man has got to be verry (sic) lucky or else he does not make much in this country. It is just like a lottery, if a man happens to be lucky and gets onto a first rate ... he makes something, if not, he makes nothing but grub and water ...

Dear Weltha, I want you to write every Steamer if you can, for I am so lonesome I am sometimes almost sick, but I have got to stay here until next fall. We are going to use the hydraulic in our claims. ...

I cannot write any more news from here, only we have got our diggings just ready to go to work in them, and I am afraid that they will not pay verry well now that we have them ready to work, but we shall try them and if we cannot make them pay, we will go into the river in the spring and there I know we can make something.

Now, you must write as soon as you get this ... My love to you all ... back next fall. Your loving Wm. G. Henderson

Excerpts of a letter by Dr. Wm. H. G. Henderson to his wife Weltha. Dr. Henderson never made it back home to his family. He died in Omega, California on February 10, 1861.

Courtesy Searls Memorial Library. Copyright Captain D.L. Brown. This letter would indicate that he was a physician and his third given name may not be Stephen.

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