Person:William Dougherty (11)

William Dougherty, of Dunkards Bottom
b.abt. 1742/52
d.6 November 1797 Monongalia County, Virginia
  • HWilliam Dougherty, of Dunkards Bottom1742 - 1797
  • WMargery UnknownBef 1757 -
m. bef. 1774
  1. Jane DoughertyAbt 1774 - Abt 1814
  2. Rebecca DoughertyAbt 1776 -
  3. Mary DoughertyAbt 1778 -
  4. Jarvis DoughertyAbt 1780 -
  5. Elizabeth DaughertyAbt 1781 - Bet 1839 & 1849
Facts and Events
Name William Dougherty, of Dunkards Bottom
Alt Name William Daugherty
Gender Male
Birth[1] abt. 1742/52
Marriage bef. 1774 to Margery Unknown
Death[1] 6 November 1797 Monongalia County, Virginia

Land Records

  • 1809 June 6; a land grant to William Dougherty, assignee of Andrew Ramsay. [Source: Monongalia County (W. Va.) Deed and Land Grants, 1787-1811.]. [Note: this land grant appears to be for a younger William Dougherty, but has been included for researchers looking at Monongalia County records]

Estate Records

  • Page 55; 124, 1802; The petition of the heirs of William Daugherty deceased and other inhabitants of William Daugherty, deceased and other inhabitants of Dunkards Bottom Settlement. We your honors humble petitioners, beg leave to present this our humble petition to the honorable Court, showing forth the damage and detrement to the heirs which are two young women, of William Daugherty deceased have and do yet sustain by the Honorable Court granting an order for a new road to be through the land of the aforesaid heirs when the former road is as good in most parts and a a geat deal better than many parts of the road that leads from Mr John Rightmires Tavern to Mr Thomas Butlers Mill. May it please your Honors. the overseer of the road have let down the fences so that the aforesaid heirs have sustained much damage and do yet sustain it, the meadow being pened, cattle horses and hogs have destroyed a great quantity of hay and greatly injured the meadow...The petitioners prayed the Court to revoke their order and review the road. Signed by: Mary and Elizabeth Daugherty, Thomas Powel, Jas/Jac Highshoe, James Morgan, Thomas Montgomery, Peter Dewitt, Jas Carrol, Peter Merydith, William Darling, Joseph Kelso, Robert Beatty, John Taylor, Andrew Johnson, Samuel Hawkins,and Abraham Darling. 8 April 1802 ...Abraham Elliott, Elizabeth Daugherty and Mary Clark summoned to show cause, if any they can why the road as laid out through their land by Jacob Ridenour, Jon Brannon and Jacob Tetrick should not be established 20 July 1802. [Monongalia County records of District Superior and County Court, Vol. 5, Zinns].
  • Page 97; 127, 1803; Abraham Elliott and Jane his wife, Mary Clark, James Rightmire and Elizabeth his wife.. heirs of William Daugherty, summoned to show , if any can, why the road viewed and layed out by Abrams Woodring through their land shall not be opened agreeably thereto 18 July 1803. [Monongalia County records of District Superior and County Court, Vol. 5, Zinns].


William Dougherty owned land between Roaring Creek * Draper's Run in Monongalia County, Virginia.
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