Person:William Curry (50)

William Curry
b.Abt 1752
  • F.  Curry (add)
m. Abt 1746
  1. Sgt. James CurryAbt 1746 - 1780
  2. William CurryAbt 1752 - 1774
  3. Ann Curry1755 - 1838
Facts and Events
Name William Curry
Gender Male
Birth[1] Abt 1752
Death[1] 10 Oct 1774 Point Pleasant, Mason County, Virginia[Killed in Battle of Point Pleasant]


William Curry is mentioned in an affidavit made by his sister, Ann Curry, in the Revolutionary War Pension Application of her husband, James Curry, as follows:

State of Kentucky } Sct Mercer County } The farther declaration or affidavit of Mrs. Ann Curry now about 82 years old, widow of James Curry dec’d who was a soldier in the army of the Revolution, taken subscribed and sworn to at her own house in Mercer County, Ky. this 31st day of August 1837. She states that the statements made by her in her former declaration in regard to her marriage and the service of her husband in the War of the revolution are strictly true and she knows that he was in the service in virginia before they were married and was at the battle of the Long bridge [Great Bridge, 9 Dec 1775] but how long he was in actual service then she has no distinct recollection. She knows that he was with Clarke in all his Campaigns in this Country after they were married. She farther states that her maiden name was Ann Curry and was married to James Curry now dec’d at the time set forth in her former declaration. She has no documentary evidence of their marriage unless it can be found on the records of the Rockingham County Court Virginia that she knows of – her oldest child was born in Virginia and died in two or three years after his birth and she has no record of his age. The ages of the ballance of her children she finds recorded in an old Bible the leaf is herewith forwarded and made a part of this affidavit. She farther states that her brother William Curry was killed at the battle of the point [Battle of Point Pleasant, 10 Oct 1774], and her brother James Curry was kill’d in the battle of Kings Mountain [7 Oct 1780]. She had five brothers all were in the struggle for Independance and two of them lost their lives in battles – in Conclusion she states that she knows of no person now living that saw them married, but god knows that her and her husband done their parts faithfully in the war of the revolution

(Signed) Ann [her X mark] Curry

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