Person:William Beardsley (4)

William Beardsley
b.est 1605 England 28 Sep 1660 and 6 Jul 1661 Stratford, Fairfield, Connecticut, United States
  • HWilliam Beardsleyest 1605 - bet 1660
  • WMary Harvey1605 - aft 1674
m. 26 Jan 1631/32
  1. Mary Beardsley1631 - 1691
  2. John Beardsley1632 - 1718
  3. Joseph Beardsley1634 - bef 1712
  4. Ruth Beardsleyest 1636 -
  5. Samuel Beardsleyest 1638 - 1706
  6. Hannah Beardsley1642 - 1679
  7. Daniel Beardsley1644 - 1730
  8. Rebecca Beardsleyest 1646 - 1738/39
  9. Sarah Beardsleyest 1648 - aft 1680
Facts and Events
Name William Beardsley
Gender Male
Birth[3] est 1605 England
Marriage 26 Jan 1631/32 Ilkeston, Derbyshire, Englandto Mary Harvey
Death[3] bet 28 Sep 1660 and 6 Jul 1661 Stratford, Fairfield, Connecticut, United States
Will[3] 28 Sep 1660
Probate[3] 6 Jul 1661 Will probated

Passengers of the Planter Master Nicolas Travice Voyage of 1635
This table details the roll of passengers of the Planter, which sailed from London in mid-April, 1635, bound for New England. The ship arrived safe at Massachusetts Bay, although some of the persons listed below may not have debarked. The rolls represent persons who were ready to embark at the date of record, which often preceded the actual sailing by several weeks. Some may have decided not to sail. Some servants may have run away. And there usually was some loss of life among the passengers from disease and malnutrition during the passage.
This information was transcribed in the 19th century by James Savage, and later by Michael Tepper from records found in the Public Rolls Office, London.
For each common date of record, groupings of persons in consecutive order in the roll often indicate some relation by kinship, household or town origin. Either the persons were present in person before the scribe at that time and queued up in their natural groupings to enroll, or the documents of fealty arrived to the scribe from particular sources and were registered in order as received.
Spelling and Abbreviations:
The surnames are spelled as Savage, Tepper and their English collaborators could best decipher the old handwritten passenger rolls. Expect a few mistakes in interpretation, as well as errors by the original 16th century scribe. Savage's later corrections have been used. These spellings are antique and often curious, so if you are searching a particular name, try all imaginable variations.
We have generally given prenames their modern spelling. In many cases the spelling of a prename was unusual or doubtful, or the interpretation of the original abbreviated form is uncertain. If so we have left it as originally recorded. This is most notably the case for the abbreviation "Jo:" which can mean either John or Joseph or perhaps other names. Where a given name beginning with the letters "Jo..." is fully spelled out here, it was found that way in the original, or the intention is otherwise certain. Variants of "Anne" have been left as in the original, since many times "Hannah" is meant. Elisa may mean Elizabeth. "Francis" was nearly always spelled the same and might be male or female. Recall that Christian and Bennett were usually female names in those times.

Passengers of the Planter , April 1635 PRENAME SURNAME STATUS AGE DATE of record NOTE ROLL #

William Beardsley mason 30 1 Apr 1635 swore oath at St.Albans, Herts 24 Mary Beardsley wife of William 26 1 Apr 1635 swore oath at St.Albans, Herts 25 Mary Beardsley child of William 4 1 Apr 1635 swore oath at St.Albans, Herts 26 John Beardsley child of William 2 1 Apr 1635 swore oath at St.Albans, Herts 27 Joseph Beardsley child of William 6mo 1 Apr 1635 swore oath at St.Albans, Herts 28

Richard Harvie tailor 22 1 Apr 1635 swore oath at St.Albans, Herts 38 Ann Harvie . 22 1 Apr 1635 swore oath at St.Albans, Herts 43

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    ORIGIN: Ilkeston, Derbyshire
    MIGRATION: 1635 on the Planter
    REMOVES: Stratford by 1645
    OCCUPATION: Mason.
    BIRTH: About 1605 (aged 30 in 1635 [Hotten 45]).
    DEATH: After 28 September 1660 (date of will) and before 6 July 1661 (probate
    of will).
    MARRIAGE: Ilkeston, Derbyshire, 26 January 1631/2 Mary Harvey. She was
    baptized at Ilkeston on 5 June 1605, daughter of Richard and Ellen (Elliot)
    Harvey [TAG 37:77-79]. (This baptismal date makes Mary four years older than
    her stated age at immigration. Daughter Mary's age may also be misstated, as
    she would have been born before the above marriage date if the entry in the
    passenger list is correct.) She was living on 28 March 1674 [StrLR 1:64].

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