Person:William Adkins (7)

William Dodie Adkins
m. Bet 1866 and 1867
  1. Benjamin Franklin ADKINS1868 -
  2. Marmaduke Sanford Adkins1870 - 1946
  3. William Dodie Adkins1879 - 1910
  4. George W. ADKINS1882 -
  1. Cleo Bertie Adkins1904 - 1985
Facts and Events
Name[1] William Dodie Adkins
Alt Name Dode _____
Gender Male
Alt Birth[2][4] 22 Mar 1877 Louisiana, United States
Birth[1][4] 22 Mar 1879 Louisiana, United States
Marriage to Christina Ann Adkins
Death[4] 11 Jun 1910 Natchitoches, Louisiana, United States

See the notes at Find A Grave - the contributor believes it was a Will Adkins who killed his cousin William Dodie Adkins. The 1910 census record seems to confirm this, as there was a William J Adkins, age 36, in the Louisiana State Farm as a convict.

Will D. Adkins was register # 5854 and charged withmanslaughter. He entered the prison on June 29, 1910 and was toserve 18 yrs but it was reduced to 12 yrs before he died. Hedied from heart failure on October 11, 1911... one year 4months after he entered the prison. They also said hiscomplexion was fair, blue eyes, brown hair, weighed 147 lbs andhis height was 5' 5 1/2". Also stated he was married, so hemust of remarried after the 1910 census was taken. The had adescription of marks on person , heavy eyebrows meeting at thebridge of nose, outstanding ears, lower teeth uneven, fleshmoles on base of back, near and under right shoulder. large cutand scar on right thumb, flower right arm, flesh mole under leftshoulder blade, scar under upper right calf. Mother born inGa, father born in Miss. and W.D. born in La. He could notread or write and listed yes to tobacco. Occupation was FarmLaborer. residence was Clarence, parish was Natchitoches. Sheriff Freeman was telephoned at 2 o'clock Saturday that akilling had occurred at Clarence, and the local officers couldnot handle the situation. Securing an automobile, he reachedthe scene in half an hour. On arrival, he learned the slayerhad taken to the woods. Following the trail some three miles,he overtook the fugitive, who was heavily armed with a shotgunand pistol, fully loaded. On being ordered to surrender, a showat resistance was made, but the sheriff had the drop, and thearrest was made without trouble. W.D. Atkins is charged withkilling his cousin, J.M. Atkins. Both are well-to-do farmers.The cause of the killing is not known. The two men, withseveral others, were drinking, it was said. They all got into arow, when W.D. Atkins went to his house, secured a gun andpistol, and shot J.M. Atkins in the breast with a load ofbuckshot, killing him instantly.

Son of Jim Matt Adkins. William Dodie and wife Christina werefirst cousins

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