Person:Walter Deane (17)

Deacon Walter Deane
chr.13 May 1612 Chard, Somerset, England
m. Bef 1595
  1. Joan DeaneEst 1595 - 1621
  2. William DeaneEst 1597 -
  3. Thomas DeaneEst 1599 - Aft 1634
  4. John DeaneCal 1600 - 1660
  5. Susan DeaneBet 1602 & 1610 - Aft 1634
  6. Margery DeaneBef 1611 - Aft 1634
  7. Deacon Walter Deane1612 - Aft 1693
  8. Eleanor DeaneEst 1614 - Aft 1634
  9. Isaacke DeaneEst 1616 - Aft 1634
  10. Elizabeth DeaneEst 1618 -
  • HDeacon Walter Deane1612 - Aft 1693
  • WEleanor StrongEst 1613 - 1693
m. 1639
  1. Mary Deane1640 - 1691
  2. Lydia Deane1642 -
  3. dau Deane1647 -
  4. James Deane1648 - 1725
  5. John DeaneAbt 1650 - 1727
  6. Ezra Dean1650 - Bet 1727 & 1731/32
  7. Joseph Deane1651 - 1729
  8. Benjamin Deane1666 - 1725
Facts and Events
Name Deacon Walter Deane
Gender Male
Christening[5] 13 May 1612 Chard, Somerset, England
Alt Marriage 1636 Taunton, Bristol, Massachusettsto Eleanor Strong
Marriage 1639 Chard, Somerset, Englandto Eleanor Strong
Death[5] Aft 25 Nov 1693 Taunton, Bristol, Massachusetts, United States

Speedwell (1637)
A shipping list shows that Elizabeth Poole (William's sister) left Weymouth, Dorset on 22 April 1637 on the Speedwell traveling with two friends, fourteen servants, goods valued at 100 pounds and twenty tons of salt for fishing provision. Walter Deane and six servants sailed to New England on the same ship at the same time. Thomas Cooke, his wife, and three children sailed on the ship with Elizabeth Poole; others included John Reade, Richard Smith, and Henry Smith.
Sailed: 22 Apr 1637 from Weymouth, England
Arrived: at Boston, Massachusetts Bay Colony

~50 (Full List)
Elizabeth Poole sister of William family - Walter Deane - Third Passenger (and servant name)

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    "It was not until 1637 that Walter and John Deane, brothers, arrived, they coming from the Taunton, England, section, and settling at Taunton, Massachusetts, then known as Cohannet. They were both original purchasers of the town and both took up farms on the west bank of "Taunton Great River," about a mile from the "Green." The open traveled way from Taunton through these lands soon gained the name of Dean road, and Dean street it is to this day. Walter Dean was a tanner by trade, and was a man of importance in his day."


    "Walter Deane, born in CHard, ten miles from Taunton, England, about 1618, came to New England in 1637, and became one of the esteemed residents of Taunton, Massachusetts. He married Eleanor Strong, daughter of Richard Strong, of Taunton, England, who, with her brother, Elder John Strong, came to New England, in the ship "Mary and John" in 1630."

    "The line of descent is through their eldest son, Joseph Dean, who is of record in 1684, as a cordwainer in Taunton, Massachusetts, and as of Dighton in 1728. He died not later than February 11, 1729, leaving a widow Mary. He was a deacon of the church and the first town clerk of Dighton, although his home was on Assonet Neck. By will dated December 23, 1728, he made bequests to his wife Mary, to sons Joseph (2), James and Samuel; to his grandson, Joseph (3); to his daughter Sarah (Dean) Read and to her children. Sarah Dean married Joseph Read, of Freetown (Fall River), and her only sister Esther, born in 1694, died in 1707."

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    WALTER DEAN, bpt. 13 May 1612 at Chard


    The two of them joined in a dead to Isaac Dean dated November 25, 1693, and there is no further record of him