Person:Walter Cunningham (5)

Walter Cunningham
b.Bef. 1700
m. Abt. 1722
  1. Jane 'Jean' CunninghamAbt 1722 - 1759
  2. Unknown CampbellEst 1725-1735 -
  3. Martha Cunningham1731 - 1806
Facts and Events
Name Walter Cunningham
Gender Male
Birth? Bef. 1700
Marriage Abt. 1722 to Martha Cunningham

Information on Walter Cunningham

Walter was supposedly a cousin to his wife, Martha Cunningham Jane Cunningham, Wife of Black David

As stated previously, the wife of Black David was Jane Cunningham, the daughter of Walter and Martha Cunningham and the half sister of Mary Hamilton, the wife of White David. Margaret Campbell Pilcher has this to say regarding the Hamiltons and the Cunninghams (Conynghams):

"James Hamilton married Janet Campbell, at Inveraray, Scotland. They had two children: Arthur and James. Arthur Hamilton married Martha Conyngham, daughter of Patrick Conyngham and Euphemia Vesse, his wife. He died near Londonderry, Ireland, leaving his widow with two small children: Mary and Arthur. She married a cousin, Walter Conyngham, with whom she and her two children came to America. At this time, Mary Hamilton, her daughter, was ten years of age, in 1726. She had several children by her second husband, Walter Conyngham, but of these we have no record, except of Jane Conyngham, the eldest, who married another David Campbell, called "Black David," on account of his dark complexion, to distinguish him from his relative of the same name, "White" David Campbell, who married Mary Hamilton, the half-sister of Jane Conyngham. Thus it will be noted that the half-sisters, Mary Hamilton and Jane Conyngham, married each a David Campbell, distant cousins, who were of the same clan in Scotland.

Walter Cunningham

I have not been able to find any information concerning Jane’s father, Walter Cunningham. There is a Walter Cunningham, son of John Cunningham, who was a fairly important man in Augusta County, Virginia. He is obviously too young to be the father of Jane; however, he probably is a close relative, possibly a first cousin. The court and vestry records of Augusta provide the following entries concerning this younger Walter Cunningham:

09 Jun 1753: Walter Cunningham witnesses a deed between Robert Cunningham Esq. and Martha Cunningham, his wife, to Walter Davis for 322 acres in Beverley Manor on Cedar Spring. It should be noted that Walter Davis was a witness to the will of Alexander Campbell, dated 02 March 1753 [Augusta County Deed Book 4, page 448].

16 Aug 1763: Walter Cunningham is qualified as Captain of Militia [County Court Order Book VIII, Augusta County, Virginia, page 212].

22 Nov 1766: Walter Cunningham is chosen as Clerk of the Vestry vice Colonel William Preston [Augusta Parish Vestry Book, page 413].

16 August 1769: Walter Cunningham is recommended as Justice of the Peace for Augusta County [County Court Order Book XIII, Augusta County, Virginia, page 324].

22 Mar 1773: Walter Cunningham qualifies (with consent of the widow, Sarah) as administrator of the estate of his father, John Cunningham [County Court Order Book XV, Augusta County, Virginia, page 49].

17 November 1779: Walter Cunningham, who served as a Lieutenant in the First Virginia Regiment, commanded by Colonel William Byrd, heretofore obtained a warrant for 2,000 acres, agreeable to Proclamation of 1763, now makes further proof of having served as a Captain of Independents in the expedition commanded by Colonel Boquet against the Indians in 1764, and is now allowed 1,000 acres additional [County Court Order Book, Augusta County, Virginia, page 147].

No doubt related in some way:

From Chalkley's Augusta County Court Judgements:

MAY AND NOVEMBER, 1759 (A). David Campbell vs. Robert Cunningham.--Account, 1759, for keeping Robert's wife, Martha, whom Robert had turned out of doors, and burial expenses, &c.