Person:Unknown Ramsden (1)

(Unknown) Ramsden(s)
m. 2 Mar 1645
  1. Daniel Ramsden1649 -
  2. (Unknown) Ramsden(s)aft 1649 -
Facts and Events
Name[1] (Unknown) Ramsden(s)
Gender Unknown
Birth[1] aft 14 Sep 1649 Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts, United StatesLocation is presumed based on the facts of the marriage of the parents, locale of birth of older brother, and the families settlement of the region. Unknown Ramsden(s) would of been born after the birth of the "eldest son;" Daniel Ramsden, born on the 14 Sep 1649.
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    Unknown Ramsden(s) was likely one or more male(s) based on the implications of "eldest son" in reference to Daniel Ramsden from the 1674 deed of their father, Joseph Ramsden; "unknown child or children. (Daniel [Ramsden] was called eldest son in the 1674 deed.)"

  2.   Robert S. Wakefield, MD, Vol. 36, p. 187, calls Daniel "Only known child", with caveat "although the term 'eldest son' may suggest more children". Further, as Joseph had 2 wives, it is even less certain any other children would belong to Rachel Eaton.