Person:Timothy Dwight (3)

Timothy Dwight
b.abt 1619
m. 8 Jul 1669
  1. John Dwight1675 - 1751
Facts and Events
Name[1] Timothy Dwight
Gender Male
Birth? abt 1619
Marriage 8 Jul 1669 Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts, United Statesto Dorcas Watson
Death? 09 Mar 1677 Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts, United States

[RTEngel - birth date (BD) of 1619 is an estimated guess]He was made a freeman in 1640. Age 21 was youngest to become a freeman in Plymouth Colony - although Medfield was in Massachusetts Bay Colony (?), not Plymouth Colony. BD is based on minimum age from 1640 date.

The history of the descendants of John Dwight, of Dedham, Mass, Volume 1 By Benjamin Woodbridge Dwight



It is evident that the old story, with which so many lineal traditions of other American families begin, of two brothers coming over together to the new world, to found their fortunes here, must be, for substance, the beginning of a true account of the Dwight family in this country. The hint of this fact, which had passed into utter oblivion in the family, was obtained by the author from Savage's Genealogical History of New England (vol. ii. pp. 85-0). In a list here given of the early Dwights of Massachusetts, occurs the following statement: "Timothy Dwight of Dedham (perhaps brother of John), at Hampton, in 1640, made freeman June 2, 1641, and representative in 1652 for Medfield, where he resided many years, and where he died in 1677."

He died March 9, 1676-7, in Dedham, a few days after the burning of Medfield, when he was sorely wounded by the Indians. By the kindness of Rev. Charles C. Sewell of Medfield, Mass., the following facts have been furnished from the town-records of that place (recently destroyed from any chance of further consultation by fire). Timothy Dwight of Medfield had a wife Maria, who d. Feb. 8, 1668; and he m. July 8, 1669, Dorcas dau. of John Watson, of Roxbury. His widow m. for a second husband May 8, 1677, John Adams.

At a meeting of the inhabitants of Dedham, October 14, 1649, to act concerning such things as relate to a village, to be erected at a place called Boggistoe, were present John and Timothy Dwight. John appears to have been one of the first selectmen of this village (Medfield). Among the names and signatures of those intending to become inhabitants of tikis village, and to whom grants of land were made, waa Timothy I Hilnl Dwight. John's name is not recorded, as he staid in Dedham. The village was named Meadfield. Among the first and largest grants of land in it were several, at different times, to Timothy Dwight, but none also to John of Dedham. Among later grants, we find one to John of Medfield, son of Timothy by his second marriage, "being the remainder of his father's share in a division of land granted by the town in 1674." John of Dedham, the supposed uncle of John of Medfield, was present at several town meetings in 1649-50. In 1650 he and Timothy were chosen surveyors of highways in Medfield.

In the History of Dedham we read, that, the settlement at Medfield was made in 1649, and that seven men from Dedham were appointed a committee, of whom John Dwight was one, " to have the management of affairs at Medfield, until such a company should be associated together, as the town of Dedham shall judge meet for that work and trust." Three of the committee removed to Medfield—but not John Dwight. Among the forty-three names subscribed to form the society, occurs that of Timothy Dwight.

In the account of " Medfield's Contribution to Harvard College, in 1678" (see Savage's Gen. Hist. N. E., vol. x. p. 50), occurs the following fragmentary notice of Timothy Dwight, of Medfield: "Copied from the original MS. by Mr. John Dean. This is a true coppye of the subscription of the inhabitance of MedField, towards the building of the new Collidge at Cambridg. Imprimu*. H'. *. rf. | rmprimu*. lb. Mr. John. Wilson 2 00 00 Mr. Henry Smith 0 Mr. Thomas Wright, 0 03 00 Mr. Timothy Dwight,.. 0 And many others."

Timothy Dwight was the largest contributor of them all but one — giving double the amount of any one else, except John Wilson and Heury Smith, one of whom gave more, and the other less, than himself: the whole contribution of the place being but five pounds.

The following note is added by George Barbour, "in the name and by order of our pastor and selectmen." "Much Honored Gentlemen, We judge it our duty to declare, that in this paper is Conteyned the whole and full Guift of y' poore inhabitants of Meadfeild, in the day of it; wth what was then pay'd in the specie given and subscribed; and had there been any such solicitous motion from the overseTM. of that to have p'served the gift in corne, as exprestly Given, we may say with truth, that it might have bein had and pay'd; but since God hath seen it meet to turn the wheele of his good Providence towards us, in letting loose ye Barbarous nations vpon vs, that much of our totu,e hath bein Consumed, many lives and estates lost, and some few, exprest in a noate hereto Annixt, by y" enemy brought to great want and inability to p'forme, scarsly able to suport themselves—y* fourteen bushells of Indian Corne and one bushell of wheate then subscribed we humbly desire those p'sons may be excused and Indulged :—and for the Rest yet behind, if the Honorble Court shall see cause to appoint one or two of our Towne and Impower them to Gather it vp, it may and will be had so as ( ) please to take care and gett it doune and Receive it. All which is hoped will Reach this Honorable Court's satisfaction, wcli will be Acceptable to, Honorable Sirs, Your very Humble Servant, George Barbour."

The first minister of Medfield, Rev. John Wilson, Jr. (son of Rev. John of Boston), kept so far, as can be found, no church records; so that no light can be found in any such way concerning Timothy Dwight of that place. If he had any children by his first marriage no record of the fact has been found by the author. If there were any, they passed away so early, as not to leave a trace of their earthly existence behind them. He is believed to have been, at the time of his second marriage, at least 56 years old.

His children by Dorcas Watson were: 3. i. Timothy, b. July 23, 1670. This is all that is known of him. He may possibly be found, some day, or his brother, Capt. 
John Dwight, to have been the ancestor of the Shirley 
Dwights, who have lost all early accounts of their ancestry 
in this country. But probably he died soon. 4. ii. John Dwight, b. and d. June £8, 1672. 5. iii. Capt. John Dwight, b. May 3, 1675. He m. about 1696-7, wife, Elizabeth. Her family name is not given. A genealogist is often reminded, by the indifferent records obtained of the parentage of the wives of the early settlors of our country, of their want, with the sterner virtues that they possessed, of that gallant appreciation of woman, which is one of the best marks of our more advanced, social progress. He was one of the first proprietors and settlers of Sturbridge, Mass., in 1729-31; but he seems to have returned erelong to Medfield again, where he was one of the selectmen in 1738, and was also town-clerk, at one time. He d. March 30, 1751, aet. 56: she d. April 9, 1758. Children: 6. i. Elizabeth Dwight, b. Feb. 7, 1098, m. Dea. Peter Balch. 7. ii. Timothy Dwight, b. in 1700, d. Nov. 12, 1715, aet. 15. 8. iii. Dorcas Dwight, b. April 5, 1703, m. Josiah Ellis. 9. iv. Keziah Dwight, b. Sept. 18, 1705, m, William Plympton. 10. v. Sarah Dwight, b. Aug. 30, 1708, m. April 3, 1732, Joseph Clark. 11. vi. Sibyl Dwight, b. July 27, 1711, d. Aug. 29, 1711. 12. vii. Hannah Dwight, b. about 1713. She is recorded in the church records as being baptized with all the preceding children, except Sibyl, on Jany. 30, 1714. 13. viii. Seth Dwight, b. Nov. 5, 1716. 6. i. Elizabeth Dwight, b. Feb. 7, 1698, m. April 22, 1725, Peter Balch, made deacon in church Nov. 25, 1739: lived at Medfield. Children: 14. 1. Sarah Balch, b. Nov. 25, 1734. 15. 2. Mary Balch, b. in 1735, d. Oct. 25, 1736. 8. iii. Dorcas Dwight, b. April 5, 1703, m. Dec. 29, 1720, Josiah Ellis Medfield. Children: 16. 1. Dorcas Ellis, bapt. Feb. 8, 1727, O. S. 17. 2. Esther Ellis, bapt. Jany. 24, 17:'.0. 18. 3. Elizabeth Ellis, bapt. Sept. 24, 1732. 19. 4. Nahum Ellis, bapt. Sept. 29, 1734. 20. 5. Keziah Ellis, bapt. Sept. 18, 1737. 21. 6. Mercy Ellis, bapt. April 4, 1742. 9. iv. Keziah Dwight, b. Sept. 18, 1705, m. Nov. 3, 1725, William Plympton of Medfield. He d. April 27, 1770: she d. 
Nov. 11, 1770. Children: 22. 1. Abigail Plympton, b. July 26, 1726. 23. 2. Mary Plympton, b. Oct. 8, 1728. 24. 3. Caroline Plympton, b. Feb. 24, 1730. 25. 4. William Plympton, b. Jany. 20, 1732. 26. 5. Gershom Plympton, b. Jany. 14, 1734. 27. 6. Amy Plympton, b. July 22, 1737, d. April 29, 1762. 28. 7. Keziah Plympton, b. March 20, 1740. 29. 8. Frederic Plympton, b. March 10, 1742.

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