Person:Thomas Yale (5)

m. Bef 1613
  1. David YaleEst 1613 -
  2. Ann YaleEst 1615 - 1698
  3. Thomas YaleEst 1616 - 1683
  • HThomas YaleEst 1616 - 1683
  • WMary TurnerEst 1626 - 1704
m. Bef 1646
  1. John YaleEst 1646 - 1711
  2. Captain Thomas YaleEst 1648 - 1736
  3. Mary Yale1650 - 1710
  4. Nathaniel Yale1652 - 1730
  5. Martha Yale1655 - 1670
  6. Abigail Yale1660 - 1708/09
  7. Hannah Yale1662 - 1743/44
  8. Elizabeth Yale1667 - 1702
Facts and Events
Name[1] Thomas Yale
Gender Male
Birth[2][3] Est 1616 Wrexham, Denbighshire, Wales(Plas Grono) or Chester, Cheshire, England
Marriage Bef 1646 Based on estimated date of birth of eldest known child (John).
to Mary Turner
Death[2] 27 Mar 1683 New Haven, New Haven, Connecticut, United States

Captain Thomas Yale (1616 - 1683) Part One

Captain Thomas Yale was the son of Thomas Yale (1580 - 1619). he was born in Plas Grono or Chester, England, in 1616, and died in North Haven on March 27, 1683. Thomas Yale came to America in 1637 with his stepfather, Gov. Eaton, mother Anne, and others. He settled in New Haven as a merchant in 1638 with an estate of £200. In the first division of land in 1641, he is listed as single and received 7 ½ acres in the first division, 1 ½ acres in the neck, and 5 ½ acres in the meadow with 22 acres in the second division. His annual tax for this land was 8 shillings and 6 pence. He was fined 1 pence for coming late to training in Jan. 4, 1643 along with many others and he is listed in attendance in the general court of July 1, 1644, as well as March 10, 1646. He married Mary Turner in 1645. Mary was born in England in 1624 and died in Connecticut Colony on October 15, 1704. Her father Nathaniel was one of the signers of the original New Haven agreement in 1639 (see Turner family).

Thomas was involved in a number of estates. He took the inventory of the estates of: Leonard Austin on April 13, 1678 with John Clarke, Joseph Potter on Aug. 17, 1669 with John Cooper, William Potter with David Atwater on Aug. 2, 1662, Jane Moulthrop on Dec. 21, 1668 with Allen Ball, Nicholas Stree on May 13, 1674 with Nicholas Auger. His own estate was inventoried by Moses Mansfield and Abraham Dickerman on May 7, 1683 and estimated at 479 pds, 5 shillings, and 3 pence. At a County Court held on June 24, 1684, an adjustment was made of his estate since the widow and children could not come to an agreement, deceased having declared his mind. The Court divided the estate among widow Mary, sons John, Thomas, Nathaniel and daughters Abigail Yale, Elizabeth Yale, Mary wife of Joseph Ives, and Hannah wife of Enos Talmage.

In 1646 Thomas sold 62 acres of upland from the second division to Robert Johnson along with 15 ½ acres of meadow and 3 ½ acres in the neck. In 1648 he and two others were complained of for not coming to watch on time but it was determined they were not given reasonable warning, “therefore the court for this time past it by.”

After the death of Eaton, he accompanied his mother, his brother, David, and half-sister, Hannah Eaton, back to England in 1659. He returned to New Haven and purchased land in 1660 in that part of the town which is now North Haven. The January 15, 1665 court appointed him collector of the church tax for the farms along with David Atwater. He attended the town meeting of February 1668 and was granted 56 acres in the third division of land in 1680. (continued tomorrow)

Captain Thomas Yale (1616 - 1683) Part Two

This continues the story of Thomas Yale started yesterday. On Sept. 6, 1664 John Cooper presented the inventory of the estate of John and Elinor Vinton. The court was concerned for the welfare of their children, also John and Elinor. The court asked who they would like to be guardian or overseers of their estate. They requested John Cooper and Thomas Yale and the court approved it. Then the court concerned the disposition of the children, now orphans. The court received a letter from Purchase Clarke, who was at the ironworks in Lynn, MA that was read and kept on file.

It said he had much affection for the children and that they formerly lived in Lynn and had other fiends there. He promised to take care of them and see that they were disposed of for their good. John Cooper said to the court that Purchase was an able man and of good repute for godliness. They court approved that the children be sent to Purchase and ordered to Thomas Yale and John Cooper to see that the children were comfortably provided for the voyage there. The record said that later word was received by Patrick, formerly servant to Purchase that they children were lovingly received by Purchase and well disposed for their good.

Thomas held many offices of trust with honor. He left an estate of £479. Thomas and Mary had eight children, all born in New Haven:

1. John, born about 1646; died Dec 16, 1711 in New Haven, married Rebecca Mix (1657-1734) about 1688, they had at least 4 children: John (1694-1711), Elihu (1696-1748), Abigail (1697-1718), David (1699-1730). All were born in New Haven. John is listed as a Proprietor of New Haven, CT, in the Year 1685 (NEGHSR, vol. 1, pp. 157–8).

2. Thomas, born about 1648; died Jan 26, 1735/36 in Wallingford, CT. Thomas was one of the original 39 signers of the Wallingford Agreement in 1668. He married Rebeccah Gibbard (1650-1687) on Dec.11, 1667 in New Haven, they had eight children: Hannah (1669-1743), Rebecca (1671-), Elizabeth (1673-), Theophilus (1675-1760), Thomas (1678-1750), Nathaniel (1681-1711), Mary (1684-1703), John (1687-1782). The first 3 were born in New Haven and the last 5 in Wallingford, CT. After Rebecca died, he married Sarah Nash (1649-1716). Finally, after Sarah died, he married Mary Beach, the widow of Benjamin Beach on July 31, 1716.

3. Mary, born Oct 26, 1650 in New Haven and died in New Haven in 1710. She married Joseph Ives on Jan. 2, 1672. The had 10 children: Joseph (1673-1751), Mary (1674), Mary (1675-1712), Samuel (1672-1726), Martha (1678-after 1717), Lazarus (1680-1703), Thomas (1683-1767), Abigail (1685), John (1686-1690), Ebenezer (1692-1759).

4. Nathaniel, born Jan 3, 1651/52 in New Haven; died Oct 29, 1730 in North Haven, married Ruth Bishop (1664-1739) on Oct. 11, 1692 in New Haven (see Bishop family in Vol. 2). He is listed as a Proprietor of New Haven in 1685 and was granted 7 ¼ acres of land in the third division in 1680. Nathaniel was on the original committee to organize parish life in North Haven in 1716, along with the brothers Joseph and Samuel Ives and James Bishop. He was also on the 1717 committee to select the minister and the minister’s rate (or tax) in 1718. He was the first moderator of the parish meetings and he later led the movement, backed by Joseph Ives (his brother–in-law) and others, to dismiss the minister, Mr. Wetmore, for views too close to the Church of England. Nathaniel and Ruth had at least 4 children: David (1693-1757), James (1695-1700), Anne (1697-1744), Nathaniel (1702-1746). All were born in New Haven.

5. Martha, born May 6, 1655 in New Haven, CT; died Jan 15, 1669/70 in New Haven, CT.

6. Abigail, born May 5, 1660 in New Haven, CT; died Feb 28, 1708/09 in New Haven, CT. She married Major Moses Mansfield (1640-). They had no children but Moses had nine children with his first wife, Mercy Glover (1643-) .

7. Hannah, born Jul 6, 1662 in New Haven, CT; died Feb 10, 1743/44 in New Haven, CT. She married Enos Talmage (1656-1690) on May 9, 1682. They had four children: Mary (1682-1735), Sarah (1684-1715), Mehitebel (1686-1750), Thomas (1688-1766). All were born in New Haven. Then she married Samuel Bishop on Nov. 14, 1695. They had seven children: Hannah (1696-1719), Samuel (1698-1779), Ann (1700), Job (1702-1787), Elizabeth (1704-1734), Dinah (1706), Yale (1708). All were born in New Haven.

8. Elizabeth, born Jan 29, 1666/67 in New Haven, CT; died Sep 19, 1702 in New Haven, CT. She married Joseph Pardee of East Haven on Jan 30, 1688 in New Haven, CT. They had six children: John (1689), Enos (1691-1771), Joseph (1693-1762), Thomas (1695), John (1697-1766), Mary (1700-1758). All were born in New Haven.

See - Yale, Rodney Horace, Yale Genealogy and History of Wales, 1908 where some of the information for England and Wales was taken – after placed on the Gilbert family history web site.

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