Person:Thomas Parke (1)

Deacon Thomas Parke
m. 9 Feb 1601/02
  1. Martha Parke1603 -
  2. Robert Parke1605 - bef 1660
  3. Deacon William Parke1607 - 1685
  4. John Parke1610 -
  5. Jane Parke1612 -
  6. Deacon Thomas Parke1615 - 1709
  7. Anne Parke1618 - 1641
  8. Samuel Parke1621 - 1707/08
m. bef 1646
  1. Martha Parke1646 - 1716/17
  2. Thomas Parke1648 - 1698
  3. Robert Parke1651 - 1707
  4. Dorothy Parke1651 -
  5. Nathaniel ParkeABT 1652 - 1717
  6. William Parke1654 - Bef 1727
  7. Alice ParkeAbt 1656 - 1729
  8. John ParkeABT 1660 - 1716
Facts and Events
Name[1][2] Deacon Thomas Parke
Gender Male
Christening[1] 13 Feb 1615 Hitcham, Suffolk, England
Marriage bef 1646 Roxbury, Suffolk, Massachusetts, United States (probably)Estimate based on date of birth of eldest known child.
Thomas Parke and Dorothy Thompson were step-siblings.
to Dorothy Thompson
Death[1] 30 Jul 1709 Preston, New London, Connecticut, United States

arrived Boston Jun 17 1630 on the Arabella In 1698, Thomas, together with his sons Robert and John and others, he organized the First Church of Christ of Preston and became its first deacon. The Rev. Richard Blinman, his brother-in-law, was pastor of this church. Reference: History of Stonington, pg. 527-528; Ancient Weathersfield.

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    "Thomas Park owned lands in Stonington (which he purchased of his brother-in-law. Rev. Richard Blinman), situated on the east bank of Mystic river, between the old Post road on the north, the White Hall land on the south and the stone house farm on the east. He disposed of his land and removed to Preston, Conn., in 1680; was the first deacon of Rev. Mr. Treat's church, organized in that town in 1698; m. Dorothy Thompson …. He served in the early Colonial wars, and d. July 30, 1709."

  3.   LAND:
    1:105 Thomas Parke June his deed from Thomas Parke Senr of the Town of Preston ... my Deare and well beloved son Thomas Parke Juner is Deceased and dyed intestine and had not obtained any Lagall convaighance of these Lands and improvements which my sayd son held in his Life time ... 24 Aug 1693 ... 150A where my Daughter in Law relict of Tho Parke Junr Now Liveth bounded as land of John Parks ... Thomas Averie ... Joseph ... Daniell Brester ... 50A bounded on Joseph Morgan ... 24 Aug 1693. Signed: Thomas Parke, Dorothy Parke. Witesses: John Stanton, Jonathan Tracy. Preston 22 Jan 1701/2. Thomas Parke Senor appeard and ack. Recorded: 30 Jan 1701/2.

    1:259 Deed of gift baring Date 24 Aug 1693 ... Thomas Parke senior of the towne of Preston ... love and affection which I bare unto my son Robart Parke ... tract of land this present deed of gift being part of that land which I formerly purchased of Capt. James Avery of New London & it is in estamation 50 Acres ... at the River ... above Goodman Morgans ... Signed: Thomas Parke, Dorithy Parke. Witesses: John Stanton, Jonathan Tracy. Ack: 11 Jan 1695 before me Benjaman Brewstar. Entered: 24 Feb 1696.

    Deed of Gift baring date 24 Aug 1693 ... Thomas Parke senir of Preston ... for love and greatfaction which I bare unto my loveing & deutyfull son William Parke of the same town ... part of the land which I formerly purchased of Edward Stallian of New London ... 50 Aces ... joining Robart Parkes ... excepting 9 Acres which I ye sd Thomas Parke do reserve ye use and improvement and benifite ... during the term of my naturall Life and during the term of the naturall Life of Dorithy my wife & att the expiration thereof the sd nine acres to returne and properly to belong to my son William Parke ... Signed: Thomas Parke, Dorithy Parke. Witnesses: John Stanton, Jonathan Tracy. Ack: 11 Jan 1695. Recorded: 23 May 1706.

    3:6 [copy] Preston Deed of gift baring Date 24 Aug 1693 ... Thomas Parke Seniour of ye town of Preston ... Love and Great affection which I bare unto my Loveing and Dutifull sons Robert Parke and William Parke ... tract of meadow to be equally devided between them ... meadow which I purchased of Joseph Morgan and is in estimation four acres ... north side of Sider Swamp ... Signed: Thomas Parke, Dorothy Parke. Witnesses: John Stanton, Jonathan Tracy. Ack: 11 Jan 1695 before me Benjamin Bruster. Entered: 22 Mar 1721/2.