Person:Thomas Marshall (70)

Thomas Marshall
b.Est 1643
  • HThomas MarshallEst 1643 - 1692
  • WMary Stebbins1641 - 1692/93
m. Bef 1670
  1. Mary Marshall1670 - Abt 1692/93
  2. John Marshall1671/72 - Bet 1693/94 & 1696/97
  3. William Marshall1674 - Bef 1692
  4. Thomas Marshall1676 - Bet 1697 & 1700
  5. Elizabeth Marshall1678 -
  6. Sarah Marshall1681 - Bef 1692
  7. Benjamin Marshall1684/85 - Bef 1701
Facts and Events
Name[1][2] Thomas Marshall
Gender Male
Birth[1][2] Est 1643 Based on estimated date of marriage and date of sister's marriage.
Marriage Bef 1670 Estimate based on date of birth of eldest known child.
to Mary Stebbins
Will[3] Est 3 Dec 1692 Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut, United StatesNuncupative.
Death[3] Bet 3 Dec 1692 and 29 Dec 1692 Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut, United States (probably)Between date of will and date of inventory.
Estate Inventory[3] 29 Dec 1692 £286-11-03. Taken by Bevell Waters & John Catlin.
Probate[3] 3 Jan 1692/93 Administration to the widow.
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    "Thomas (Marshall), Hartford, had sis. Mary, wh. m. John Catlin, but who was their f. is not ascert. He had Mary, b. 10 May 1670; John, 24 Feb. 1672; William, 21 Apr. 1674; Thomas, 3 Oct. 1676; Eliz. 23 Oct. 1678; Sarah, 27 Mar. 1681; and Benjamin, 22 Feb. 1684; and d. 1692. His s. Thomas, a mariner, m. aft. the date of his will, 15 Feb. 1697, Mary Chantrel of Boston, spinster, and she had it pro. 19 Sept. 1700, as his wid. in wh. he gave memo. to his sis. Eliz. spinster, and bro. Benjamin, and uncle John Catlin, all of Hartford, as he also styles hims. but all resid. to his beloved fr. M. C."

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    Marshall, Thomas, Hartford. Invt. £286-11-03. Taken 29 December, 1692, by Bevell Waters & John Catlin. The children: John, 21 years, 24 February next; Thomas, 16 last October, 1692; Elizabeth, 14, October, 1692; Benjamin, 8, February next. The Eldest daughter of age, and married to Stodder.

    The last Will & Testament of Thomas Marshall of Hartford: (Nuncupative): We underwritten, being together at the house of Thomas Marshall, lately deceased, in the time of his last sickness, about the 3rd of this moneth, and he being then of sound understanding, declared in presence of us this following to be his last Will: Imprimis: That he gave to his eldest son John that part of his Lott that lyeth on the East side of the Road that leadeth from Hartford to Wethersfield, with the half of his Barn (the north End), with 14 Rods of Land adjoining to it to make a Cow Yard, & a Loome with what belongs to it. This he to possess when he is of age. Item. After all his Just Debts were discharged, he gave the Remainder of his Estate, Real & Personal (all except another Loom, which he gave to his son Thomas to possess it when he comes of age), to his wife to be possessed by her during her Widowhood. After her decease his son Thomas should have the ½ of the Homelott and the Dwelling house, and that his son Benjamin should have his other half of the Homelott, it being the ½ of that part of his Lott that lyeth on the West side of the Road leading from Wethersfield to Hartford; & that the Household Stuffe should be equally divided to his 2 daughters Mary & Elizabeth, saving that Elizabeth should have the Great Kettle above her halfe; also that Elizabeth should have £ 10 of the Stock and Mary £5. He further declared that it was his mind that his youngest son Benjamin should, if he see Cause, have that parcel of Land which he bought of Susannah Sandford, which was confirmed by Susannah Sandford and Phineas Wilson to him to build upon.

    (Not signed.)

    Witness: Mary X Catlin, Sarah X Waters, Mary X Campe.

    And all appeared 30th December, 1692, and made Oath to the above-written.
    Before me, John Allyn, Assistant.

    Court Record, Page 50—3 January, 1692-3: Adms. to the Widow. John Catlin and Bevell Waters to be Overseers.

    Page 51—11 January, 1692: Invt. exhibited by the two sons, John & Thomas. The Widow being deceased, Adms. is granted to Capt. Niccols & Bevell Waters & John Catlin.

    Dist. on File, 10 April, 1696: To John, to Thomas, to Benjamin, to Mary Stoddard, to Elizabeth Marshall, Thomas' Estate in John Catlin's Hand, Elizabeth & Benjamin's Estate in the Hands of Bevell Waters. John Marshall & Nathaniel Gladden's part of the Estate was delivered to themselves.

    Page 21—(Vol. VII) 13 November, 1701: John Catlin sen. presented to this Court a Dist. of the Estate of Thomas Marshall sen., late of Hartford, under the Hands of the sd. Catlin & Capt. Ciprian Nicols, who made oath to the truth of the several articles and deliveries thereof, except one, that is, £7 delivered to John Marshall. Mr. Bevil Waters not being present, it could not be completed.

    Page 33—8 September, 1702: Mr. Bevil Waters and John Catlin, Adms. on the Estate of Thomas Marshall Decd, being cited to appear before this Court to render an Account of their Adms. on that Estate, the Court do not see Cause to accept their Account."