Person:Thomas Madison (5)

Thomas Madison
d.20 January 1754 Caroline County, Virginia
m. bef. 1685
  1. Elizabeth Madisonabt 1685 -
  2. Capt. John Madisonest 1686 -
  3. Thomas Madisonabt 1693 - 1754
  4. Mary Madison1695 -
  5. Ambrose Madison1696 - 1732
m. 1717
  1. John Madison1719 - Abt 1784
  2. Ambrose Madison1724 -
  3. Jane Madison1728 - 1767
  4. Humphrey Madison1730 - 1756
  5. Anne Madison1733 - 1819
  6. Sarah Madison1736 - 1801
  7. Mary Lena Buckner Madison1738 - 1812
  8. George Madison1740 -
  9. Roger Madison1744 - 1768
  10. Elizabeth Madison1747 -
Facts and Events
Name Thomas Madison
Alt Name Thomas William Madison
Gender Male
Birth[1] abt. 1693 Caroline County, Virginia[assumed age 22 in 1715]
Marriage 1717 Virginiato Johanna Buckner
Death[1] 20 January 1754 Caroline County, Virginia

Records in Virginia

Thomas Maddison was appointed Sheriff of King & Queen County, VA on 25 April 1715 (H. R. McIlwaine, ed., Executive Journals of the Council of Virginia, Vol. III (May 1, 1705-October 23, 1721), 1979/1986). His estimated date of birth is based on the fact that he probably had to be age 21 (or older) in 1715 when he was appointed Sheriff of King & Queen County, VA.
Thomas Madison received a land patent of 330 acres in St. John's Parish, King William County, VA, on 11 July 1719.
Thomas Madison is mentioned as a Godfather to the baptism of James Madison, son of Ambrose Madison and Frances Taylor, who was born on 27 March 1723 and was baptized on 21 April 1721.
Thomas Madison was listed in the Ambrose Madison Account Book for 1725-1726 (second alphabetical list).
Caroline County, VA, was formed from Essex County, King William County, and King & Queen County, VA in 1727. It is unclear to this author when the first Court was actually held in Caroline County, VA. There are Court Order Books for Caroline County, VA beginning in 1732 that survived destruction by fire during the Civil War. Thomas Madison first appear in the Court Order Book on 9 March 1732/33 in which Thomas Madison, Robert Woolfolk, Robert Farris and Thomas White was ordered to appraise the estate of Benjamin Row. The last entry if on 10 July 1755 when the Inventory of the estate of Thomas Madison is admitted to record. Many references to Thomas Madison appear between these two dates showing that he remained a resident of Caroline County, VA from 1732/33 until his death in 1755. Some of the most relevant references are as follows:
20 June 1733 Lewis Burwell patented 400 acres in St. Johns Parish, Caroline County, VA on a brahcn of the Middle River, adjacent to White Runn, Thomas Madison, Robert Hind, Pigg & Madison and John Martin's upper tract, formerly patented to John Martin on 30 October 1727. [Patent Book 12, page 190]
10 January 1734/35 Robert Farish, Thomas Madisson, George Tripple and Thomas Coleman were ordered to appraise the estates of John May and Benjamin Downer.
10 September 1736, it was ordered that Thomas Madison, George Trible, George Eastham and John Ellis view the main road between the main river and South River and return their proceedings.
11 May 1739, Thomas Madison was ordered to survey the road from the South River Bridge to the Chapel.
August 31, 1741, Duncon Bohannon or Caroline County, VA, deeded 342 acres to John Baylor, Gent., of Caroline County, VA adjacent to line Thomas Madison and land of Roger Madison, line of John Baylor being also John Pickett's corner (in exchange for land from Baylor to Bohannon located in Orange County, VA). [Orange County Deed Book __, 1741-1743, page __] Based on this reference, it is quite possible that John Madison, Roger's father, died by 1741 and Roger Madison inherited the land as the heir at law. Before John Madison's death, he was residing next door to his brother, Thomas Madison. After John Madison's death (if I am right on my assumption), Roger Madison, the nephew of Thomas Madison resided next door Thomas Madison.
12 March 1741/42, it was ordered that Thomas Maddison, Henry Harris and Benjamin Wood view and lay off the most convenient way for a road from the place where the new church is to be erected into the the road by Richard Hewlett's. Also on the same date, regarding a road to be surveyed from the "Shop" to Sutton's Ford, it was ordered that John Ellis, Augustine Ellis, John Madison , James Samuel, George Chapman, Thomas Walker, John Hubbard, Anne Walker, John Shirley, William Emerson, John Jarrell, Christopher Eccoff, Robert Standfeild, Thomas Madison, Henry Harris, George Martin, James Coleman, Joseph Stevens and Robert Johnston with their people assist the surveyor in clearing the road and keep the same in repair.
9 April 1742, Thomas Madison was ordered to receive 75 pounds of tobacco for repairing the South River bridge.
8 November 1744, Thomas Madison, John Pickett, Benjamin Wood and James Dismukes were ordered to appraise the estate of Henry Harris.
June 1746, Elizabeth McCarty's deed to Thomas Madison was recorded.
March 1746/47, Thomas Madison, David Terrell and Thomas Walker were sworn in to perform the inventory of John Hubbard in Amelia County, VA [Amelia County, VA, Will Book 1, page 35a]
9 October 1747, Thomas Madison, Benjamin Wood, John Pickett, Jr., and James Dismukes were ordered to appraise the estate of John Whimsel.
12 October 1750, a County Levy was order to pay Thomas Madison for repairing South River Bridge.
14 December 1750, it was ordered that Rice Curtis, Thomas Madison, Thomas Walker and Samuel Haws settle an account of the administration of John Hubbard's estate and divide the same, except specific legacies, between the widow and all the children.
8 February 1750/51, it is ordered that James Martin, Thomas Madison, Thomas Walker and Samuel Haws appraise the estate of John Hubbard.
8 March 1750/51, it is ordered that Thomas Buckner, Gent., William Buckner, William Bowler, Thomas Madison and Roger Madison, set apart Ruth Trice's last Ruth Booth's dower of the estate of Daniel Booth.
13 September 1751, Abraham Estes was ordered to pay Thomas Madison and Roger Madison a witness fee for testify for him in a court case.
14 May 1752, John Woolford, James Riddle, James Desmukes and Thomas Madison gave depositions in court to establish the Will of Thomas White.
14 December 1752, it was ordered that Robert Farish, James Dismukes, Thomas Madison and James Terrell appraise the estate of Thomas White.
16 December 1752, Thomas Madison, James Dismukes, James Coleman and James Martin were added to others who were formerly ordered to divide the lands of Benjamin Walker amongst all his children according to the decree of the General Court.
13 December 1753, Peter Copland, Gent., Thomas Madison and James Dismukes were appointed to agree with workmen either to repair or rebuild South River Bridge.
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    The Thomas Madison Family Record as recorded in Reminiscences of Eastern Oregon, by Mrs. Elizabeth Lord (1903) by The Irwin-Hodson County, Portland Oregon, page 231. It seems as if this information would have been taken from a bible record, but this is not revealed in the book.

    "Thomas Madison died January 20, 1754; Joanah Madison, his wife, died April 13, 1758. Their children were

    J. Madison , born October 26, 1719.
    Ambrose Madison, born March 11, 1724.
    Jane Madison, born February 11, 1728; died October 24, 1767.
    Humphrey Madison, born April 25, 1730; died September 12, 1756.
    Anne Madison, born July 31, 1733.
    Sarah Madison, born February 29, 1735; died October 31, 1801.
    Mary Madison, born May 15, 1738.
    George Madison, born October 7, 1740.
    Roger Madison, born April 15, 1744; died September 12, 1768.
    Elizabeth Madison, born May 30, 1747."