Person:Thomas Blatchley (1)

Thomas Blatchley
b.Est 1619 England
m. Bef 1644
  1. Aaron Blatchley1644 - 1699
  2. Abigail BlatchleyAbt 1648 - Abt 1725
  3. Moses Blatchley1650 - 1693
  4. Miriam Blatchley1653 -
Facts and Events
Name Thomas Blatchley
Gender Male
Birth[2] Est 1619 EnglandEstimate based on approximate marriage date
Marriage Bef 1644 Estimate based on approximate birth date of oldest known child
to Susannah Unknown
Death[2] Bef 9 Jun 1674 Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, United States

Thomas Blatchley Not the 1635 Immigrant

"Pope makes [Thomas Blackley] the same as the Boston testator of 1673, Thomas Blatchley [Pope 52-53; SPR Case #673], but this latter man is Thomas Blatchley of New Haven, who first appears at Hartford in 1640, so there is no apparent connection with the passenger of 1635. There is no evidence that the passenger of 1635 arrived in New England."[1]

New Haven Probate Rec. Vol. 1 pt 2 pp57 & 77 (old pp 53 & 73). 12 June1674 Chn of Thomas Blatchley, late deceased in Boston & their motherSusanna...agree to division of rest of est. equally among chn. ofdec'd....1/4 to Abygaile Ball.

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    Thomas Blachley..died in Boston, Mass., in 1674..[h]is estate in Connecticut, inventory being presented June 9, 1674.