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Chakley's CHronicles]

About 1800: Wm. H. Cavendish, Attorney for Silvanus Walker, vs. George Clendennin's Heirs--O. S. 172; N. S. 61--Greenbrier. George Clendennin died intestate, leaving Jemima (widow), children, Parthenia Meggs, wife of John Meggs; Cynthia and Margaret Clendennin.


This may have some mistakes but a DNA test by one of my second cousins confirms the relationship going back to the 1600s. --Linda Steorts Kaufman

William Walker Born ca 1640 in England, died 1723 in Virginia (at least three generations of our family names are on the church registry of Saint Peters Parish Church in New Kent County, VA, built 1701 and still in use today. It is known as Martha Washington's church before she married George Washington.) William married Elizabeth Warren.

Sylvanus Walker Born about 1686 in New Kent County, probably the 8th child. He married Susanna Ann Tandy.

Tandy Walker Born Dec. 13, 1714 as recorded in the Saint Peter's Church Registry. He died Oct. 24, 1751 in Lunenburg County, VA. He married Judy Langford.

Sylvanus Walker Born 1740 in VA, died in SC. He was the one who sued George Clendenin over a large tract of land in Greenbrier County. Still a minor when both his parents died, he rejected the guardian named by his mother and chose Memucan Hunt who was active in government. He married Sarah Blagrave.

Memucan Walker Born Sept. 22, 1764 in Lunenburg County, VA died May 2, 1836 in Greenbrier County, (W)VA. Memucan joined the Revolutionary War from Lunenburg County. The family was in western SC about the time of the war's end, near Abbeville. Memucan can be found in records in SC and Greenbrier County in the late 1700s.

His first wife is thought to have been a Nancy due to a document witnessed by Memucan Walker and Nancy Walker. He taught school in greenbrier County in 1796, thought to be the first school in the county. He had two sons by a possible first marriage:

Beverly Allen Walker Born about 1796, died 1834, married Francis Wilkes. Sylvanus Walker Born Oct. 28, 1794, died about 1866. He was a Methodist Minister in Alabama.

Memucan Walker married second Mary "Molly" Dorman in MD in 1800 and this marriage was annulled by the state of MD in Jan. 1810. This precedure for this annullment was probably started a long time before it was final.

Amos Walker Born Oct. 10, 1805. I thought until recently that Amos was a son of Molly's but I saw an entry in Memucan's Bible which he purchased in 1810 that said Amos was the son of Rachael Lewis Walker. Does any one have any proof of Amos Walker's parentage and also did he die in France?

Memucan Walker married third Rachael Lewis in Greenbrier County in 1808. Their children were listed in the Walker Family Bible. It is interesting to note that Memucan had a son who was a Methodist minister, a grandson and a great grandson who were both Baptist ministers and many other descendants are ministers into the present day. I've often wondered if those good old time Baptist ministers are rolling over in their graves at the present ones that include a liberal Unitarian. Memucan's Bible is now in the possession of Memucan's great grandson's grandson.

Joel Walker Born 1809, died 1887 in Braxton County. married Lucinda Fuel or Fewell

Jane Walker Born 1810, died 1862 in Summers County, married John Hicks. Hezekiah Lewis Walker Born 1813, died 1881 in Roane County, married 1 Nancy Spencer, 2 Francis Margaret Campbell. John Blagrave Walker Born 1815, died 1893, married Mary Ann Taylor. James A. Walker Born about 1818 (need more info on him) Rachael Ellen Walker Born 1818, died 1876 in Raleigh County, married Abraham Bragg.

Lucinda Walker Born 1824, died 1901, married James Richmond.