Person:Susanna Schneider (5)

Susanna Schneider
d.Bef. 1855
m. Abt. 1772
  1. Jacob Schneider1773 - 1829
  2. Maria SchneiderAbt 1775 - Bef 1855
  3. Susanna SchneiderAbt 1777 - Bef 1855
  4. Christian Schneider1779 - 1842
  5. Friedrich Schneider1781 - 1851
  6. Barbara Schneider1786 - 1861
  7. Daniel Schneider1788 - 1864
  8. Elizabeth SchneiderAbt 1790 - Bef 1855
  9. Johannes Schneider1792 - 1864
m. 18 May 1802
Facts and Events
Name[1] Susanna Schneider
Gender Female
Birth[2] Abt 1777 Heidelberg, Lehigh, Pennsylvania, United States
Marriage 18 May 1802 Heidelberg, Lehigh, Pennsylvania, United Statesto Johan George Schneider
Death[2] Bef. 1855
  1. Hollenbach, Raymond E. (compiler?). Schneider-Snyder Families of Heidelberg, 4.

    Children of Christian Schneider and Susanna Beck: Johan George, b. bef. 1780, m. Susanna Pater or Susanna Schneider.
    [By comparing to her brother Daniel's wedding, it is clear that this source mistook the husband for the child of this family, perhaps because he signed some document in right of his wife? Knowing that it was the wife that was child of this family somewhat resolves the confusing over the two Helffich marriage records mentioning Johan George Schneider, though it is not clear if this is the second marriage of Johan George Schneider or it there were two different individuals with this name?]

  2. 2.0 2.1 The will of her brother Daniel, dated 1855, mentions "children of my deceased sister Susanna, formerly married to John George Schneider". In this will, she is ordered as the third child, so her birth is estimated about 1777 to come before the fourth child Christian whose birth in 1779 is known.