Person:Squire Boone (3)

Squire Boone
  1. Harriet Boone1749-1778 - 1765-1860
  2. Elizabeth Boone1752 - 1832
  3. Samuel Boone, Jr.1758 - 1840
  4. Squire Boone1760 - 1817
  5. Sarah Boone1763 - 1848
  6. Levi Boone1766 - 1826
  7. Mary "Polly" Boone1766 - 1851
  8. Thomas Boone1768 - 1782
  9. Hannah Boone1768 - 1826
  10. Rebecca Boone1768 - 1842
  11. Phillip Boone1775 - 1856
m. 01 SEP 1774
  1. Thomas Boone1785 -
  2. Susan Boone1787 -
  3. Lucy Boone1792 -
  4. Cynthia Ann Boone1795 - 1887
  5. Squire Boone1797 - 1836
  6. Samuel Boone1797 -
  7. Ira Boone1799 -
  8. Isaiah Boone1802 - 1835
  9. Diadama Boone1804 - 1824
  10. Higgason Grubbs Boone1806 -
  11. Levi Day Boone1808 -
  12. Nancy Boone1811 -
  13. Miles Boone1815 -
Facts and Events
Name[1] Squire Boone
Gender Male
Birth[1][4] 13 Oct 1760 South Carolina, United States
Marriage 01 SEP 1774 Fayette County, Kentuckyto Anna Grubbs
Other[1][5] Either Jun 1777 or Jul 1777 Camden District, South CarolinaMilit-Serv
Baptism[1] Bet 1785 and 1787 Kentucky
Occupation[1] Aft 1787 Squire Boone became a Baptist preacher, having been baptized in that faith at Lower Howard's Creek, KY., sometime between 1785 and 1787.
Will[3] 18 Feb 1817 Logan, Kentucky, United States
Death[2] 28 Jun 1817 near Elkhorn, Todd County, Kentucky
Alt Death? 28 Jun 1817 ,Todd,KY,USA
Other[3] 16 Feb 1818 Russellville, Logan, Kentucky, United StatesWill proven.

In the fall of 1779 he moved with his father's family to Kentucky, and settled at Bryan's Station. Here he continued to serve in frontier Indian warfare until the time of his marriage.

He lived for a time at Lexington, where his son Levi was born in 1808, and later removed to Todd County, near the present town of Elkton, where he located on a farm and built the home in which he lived until his death. He never fully recovered from the wound he received at the battle of Blue Licks, and it is said that the bullet he had received in the hip remained there during the rest of his life.

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  4. Squire Boone was born in South Carolina, whither his parents had moved to avoid the depredations of the Indians on the western borders of North Carolina, where they had formerly lived. There is no further record of Squire up to the time of his enlistment from the Camden District of South Carolina, on the Congaree River, in 1777.
  5. His Revolutionary record is as follows:-

    From the Department of the Interior, Bureau of Pensions, Washington, D. C., W. F. 8-372, Rev. War, Squire Boone.
    He enlisted June or July, 1777, 3 mo., as Sgt. under Capt. John Cook; Col. Robt. Goodwin, South Carolina.
    He enlisted June or July, 1779 for 3 months as Sgt. under Captains John McChord or Robert McGowan; Col. John Russell.
    From 1780 to 1783 he served in Kentucky under Captain William Hays,* and was frequently engaged against Indians in the defense of the frontier.
    He also served under General George Rogers Clark in his expeditions against the Piqua towns, and was seriously injured in the Battle of Blue Licks. The record also states that the pensioner was a son of Samuel Boone and a nephew of Daniel, and gives considerable data concerning his wife and children.