Person:Solomon Reed (4)

Solomon Reed
b.18 Mar 1753
m. 1748
  1. Sarah Reed1750 - bef 1785
  2. John Reed1751 - 1831
  3. Solomon Reed1753 - 1808
  4. Samuel Reed1754 - 1812
  5. Timothy Reed1756 - 1813
m. 14 Mar 1781
  1. Susannah Reed1781 -
  2. Solomon Reed1783 -
  3. Polly Reed1785 -
  4. Hannah Willard Reed1787 -
  5. Sarah Reed1788 -
  6. Josiah Willard Reed1790 -
  7. John Reed1792 - 1802
  8. Samuel Horton Reed1794 -
  9. William Reed1797 -
  10. Catherine Reed1799 - 1802
Facts and Events
Name Solomon Reed
Gender Male
Birth[1][2] 18 Mar 1753
Graduation[3] 1775 Yale
Ordination[3] 25 Oct 1780 Petersham, Worcester, Massachusetts, United States
Marriage 14 Mar 1781 Winchester, Cheshire, New Hampshire, United Statesto Susannah Willard
Death[2][4] 2 Feb 1808 Petersham, Worcester, Massachusetts, United States

Interesting excerpt from Source:One hundred and fiftieth anniversary of the incorporation of the town of Petersham, Massachusetts, p. 25:

Solomon Reed, Mr. Whitney's immediate successor, a notable man in many ways, remained in his pulpit until his growing tendency to confound spiritual and spirituous distinctions led to the appointment of a committee to visit him and urge diminished indulgence. The committee, it is said, encountered such urbanity and overflowing hospitality on the part of the reverend gentleman and his accomplished wife, who was famous for her flip, that all its members withdrew from their courtly presence having obtained what they termed Christian satisfaction, but with reputations for sobriety and efficiency as remonstrants greatly impaired. Let it not be forgotten, however, that this was before the evils of intemperance were publicly proclaimed, at a period when slavery still existed in Petersham, when rum and sugar were among things provided for the ordination of ministers, and when common hospitality demanded the offer and acceptance of beverages of an ardent variety. His pastoral relation was finally ended at his own request.

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    REED, Rev. Solomon, [died] Feb. 2, 1808, AE. 55.
    [Birth about 1753]