Person:Sarah Cooper (111)

m. 1 Feb 1692/93
  1. Sarah Cooper1693 - 1754
m. 5 Nov 1714
m. 17 Oct 1749
Facts and Events
Name[2] Sarah Cooper
Gender Female
Birth[1] 4 Nov 1693 Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts, United States
Marriage 5 Nov 1714 Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts, United Statesto Samuel Stowell
Marriage 17 Oct 1749 Watertown, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United Statesto Josiah Perry
Death[3] 1 Feb 1754 Worcester, Worcester, Massachusetts, United States
  1. van Antwerp, Lee Douglas, and Ruth Wilder Sherman. Vital Records of Plymouth, Massachusetts to the Year 1850. (Camden, Maine: Picton Press, 1993)
    p. 14.

    The children of Richard Cooper & Hannah Cooper his wife [a later hand added "he d. 1724"]
    1 Sarah born Nov. the 4th 1693

  2. Stowell, William Henry Harrison. Stowell genealogy: a record of the descendants of Samuel Stowell of Hingham, Mass. (Rutland, Vt.: The Tuttle Company, 1922)
    p. 42.

    Samuel Stowell [#10] m. Plymouth 5 Nov 1714 Sarah Cooper, d/o Richard Cooper and Hannah Wood, b. Plymouth 4 Nov 1693, d. Newton 3 Apr 1781.
    [Note: the death date given here is probably wrong, see note.]]

  3. "Record of Deaths in Worcester from 1717 to 1825", in Proceedings of the Worcester Society of Antiquity
    Vol. 1, p. 152.

    Perey, Sarah, wife of Josiah, [died] February 1, 1754.

  4.   Bond, presumably, as the oldest source, has created a myth about Sarah Stowell that even the Stowell Genealogy gets caught up in.

    Because the Stowell Genealogy does not show Sarah getting remarried after her husband Samuel died, it assigns her a death in Newton in 1781. The death record in Newton in 1781 is simply for a Sarah Stowell. It comes from a personal record, not a town record. No age is given, no husband's name is provided, no parents are listed. No probate file is found for Sarah Stowell. How this is known to be the widow of a man who died in Waltham 33 years earlier is unknown. There are other Sarah Stowells listed in the Newton records, in particular the d/o Isaac and Sarah whom the Stowell Genealogy says d. Newton 1741, but for whom, no such death record is found (i.e., no record, 3 daughters born after 1741 but none reused the name Sarah, no will or probate file for Israel). 1741, 1781: close enough to be a typo?

    Attacking the problem from the other direction: The myth that Bond created was that Josiah Perry Jr., b. 1714, m. (1) 1735-6 Elizabeth Harrington, and m. (2) 1749 Sarah Stowell. But Elizabeth (Bigelow) Harrington can be proved to be the widow of Jonathan Harrington and born 1687. She married Josiah's father, whose wife had died in 1735. So the first marriage belongs to Josiah Sr. The sequence of dates suggests the second one would, too, coming so soon after the death of Elizabeth.

    Meanwhile, Josiah Jr. m. 1740 Hannah Grant and started having children in Watertown (born to Josiah and Hannah, baptized to Josiah Jr., named after his parents), then moved to Sturbridge (one of the children born in Watertown dies in Sturbridge) where Josiah Jr. d. 1784 and his wife Hannah d. 1808. Which removes him from the picture. He did not participate in either marriage. Instead of being his first and second marriages, these are really the second and third marriages of his father, b. 1684.

    Meanwhile Samuel Stowell d. Waltham 1747/48 and in Watertown in 1749 a Sarah Stowell marries Josiah Perry, who we now know was born in 1684, not in 1714. So unlike Bond, we won't feel compelled to make up a daughter Sarah Stowell for Samuel and Sarah Stowell, a daughter who does not exist any where in the records, to match with this marriage. We will realize that given the year and a half mourning period, this is simply Samuel Stowell's widow remarrying a man of her own age. Josiah and Sarah are dismissed to Worcester (not Sturbridge where Jr. lives) in 1752, and Sarah's death is recorded there in 1754, and Josiah's 1767 gravestone is found there.