Person:Samuel Wright (6)

m. 24 Nov 1653
  1. Samuel Wright, III1654 - 1734
  2. Joseph Wright, Sr1657 - 1696/7
  3. Captain Benjamin Wright1660 - 1743
  4. Ebenezer Wright1662/63 - 1748
  5. Elizabeth Wright1666 -
  6. Eleazer Wright1668 - 1753
  7. Hannah Wright1670/71 - 1687
  8. Benoni Wright1675 - 1702
  • HSamuel Wright, III1654 - 1734
  • WSarah Lyman1658 - 1733
m. 3 Jan 1677/78
  1. Sarah Wright1678 -
  2. Samuel Wright1682 -
  3. John Wright, Sr1687 - 1749
  4. Hannah Wright1690 -
  5. Hepsibah Wright1695 -
  6. Dorcas Wright1697 -
  7. Lydia Wright1700 -
m. 16 Sep 1684
Facts and Events
Name Samuel Wright, III
Gender Male
Birth[1] 3 Oct 1654 Springfield, Hampden, Massachusetts, USA
Christening? Of Springfield, Hampden, Massachusetts
Alt Marriage 3 Jan 1677/1678 to Sarah Lyman
Marriage 3 Jan 1677/78 Northfield, Franklin, MAto Sarah Lyman
Marriage 16 Sep 1684 Springfield, , PAto Elizabeth Stebbins
Death[2] 29 Nov 1734 Northampton, Hampshire, Massachusetts, USA
Ancestral File Number CNVC-60
Burial? Springfield, Hampden, Massachusetts

When Samuel Wright Jr. rem. to Northfield, it is thought he left Samuel his eldest son in charge of his Northampton home, as he was living there 2 years later when he was drafted to go up under Capt. Lothrop for the protection of Northfield. At the time his father was killed, he was wounded and carried the bullet through life. On 3 May 1703 he sent the following petitions to the general court of MA for aid.

    In the first Indian War I was pressed up at Northfield, under Capt. Lothrop and there left a garrison soldier.  Soon after which the Indians besieged that fort.  They killed my father, and shot a bullet into my right hip.  From thence I was brought to Hadley under care of Mr. Westcare, where I was till winter.  The Doctor dying, I shifted from one surgeon to another till the spring.  In April following I went to Hartford to Mrs. Allens', where I was about 7 months, all which time I paid for my diet and surgery, out of my own estate, and although I attained to so much strength as to walk about and carry up some business, it hath been with much pain and difficulty, for the bullet remaining still in my hip bone, the wound continually runs and hath done so these 15 years; though at times, it is almost dried up, yet it breaks out again and especially of late years it grows worse and worse, so that I am almost disabled for labor, and what I do is with much pain and difficulty.  Considering my family has grown so great, I now for the first time petition for relief."
    On 1 Jun 1703, the General Court granted him L.10; also 40 shillings a year for life.  Mr. Wright inherited his father's homestead in Northampton, and was a farmer and carpenter.  He served his town as one of its selectmen 12 years between 1687 and 1718
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    Wright, Samuel Sen. 11/29/1734