Person:Samuel Wakeman (2)

m. 6 Oct 1589
  1. Mary Wakeman1591 -
  2. Sarah Wakeman1593 - 1662
  3. Martha Wakeman1596 - 1664
  4. John Wakeman1601 - bef 1661
  5. Samuel Wakeman1603 - 1641
  6. Isaac Wakeman1606 - 1609
  7. Joseph Wakeman1609 -
  8. Priscilla Wakemanest 1610 - bef 1671
  9. Anna Wakeman1614 - 1693
  10. Esther Wakeman1617 - bef 1693
  1. Unknown Wakemanest 1630 - bet 1631
  2. Elizabeth Wakemanest 1632 -
  3. Bethiah Wakemanest 1634 -
  4. Lieutenant Ezbon Wakeman1636 - bef 1683
  5. Hannah Wakeman1638 -
  6. Elizabeth Wakeman1640 - aft 1693
Facts and Events
Name[1][2][3] Samuel Wakeman
Gender Male
Christening[1] 25 Sep 1603 Bewdley, Worcestershire, England
Emigration[1][3] 1631 On the Lyon
Residence[1] 1631 Roxbury, Suffolk, Massachusetts, United States
Other[1] 7 Aug 1632 Admitted freeman of Massachusetts Bay Colony.
Residence[1] 1634 Cambridge, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States
Residence[1] 1635 Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut, United States
Occupation[1] Merchant
Death[3] 1641 Old Providence Island (Caribbean)
Probate[1][2] 4 Dec 1645 Estate settled on Nath[aniel] Willette.

Estate and Probate

Receipts for the children's portion were received as follows:

I, Ezbon Wakeman, doe acknowledge to have received of my father-in-law, Nath. Willett, the full and just summe of forty pounds, which was allowed me as my portion of my deceased fathers estate. I say received by me.
Know all men, that I, John Kelly, have received of my father-in-lawe, Nath. Willett, the full just summe of moneys that was due from him to my wife as the portion which was allowed her, & doe by these presents give unto my aforesaid father a discharge from all and whatsoever from the beginning of the world to this day, as witness my hand June 10, 1663.
6th September, 1662. I, Joseph Arnold, & Elizabeth his wife, who was the daughter of Samull Wakeman, deceased, have received from my father-in-law, Nathll. Willett, twenty pounds in full sattisfaction, which was allowed to me for my portion. I say received by us.
6 September, 1662. I, Hanna Hackelton, doe acknowledge to have received the full and just summe of twenty pounds, which was allowed me by the court, being the daughter of Samuell Wakeman, deceased, I say received by me from my father-in-law, Nath. Willett.S2
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    ORIGIN: Bewdley, Worcestershire.
    CHURCH MEMBERSHIP: Admitted to Roxbury church as member #5: "Samuell Wakeman he came to N. E. in the 9th month [November], 1631. He buried his only child at sea; he was one of the first foundation of the church at Rocksbry. Elizabeth his first born here was born about -- in the year ----" [RChR 74].
    FREEMAN: 7 August 1632 [MBCR 1:367].
    BIRTH: Baptized Bewdley, Worcestershire, 25 September 1603, son of Francis and Anne (Goode) Wakeman [Brainerd Anc 290-92].
    DEATH: Having joined a small group of New Englanders who wished to settle at Old Providence Island in the summer of 1641, and not realizing that the Spaniards had recently taken the island, Samuel Wakeman was on the ship mastered by William Pierce; when they reached Old Providence and sailed into the harbor, they came under the Spanish guns, and Pierce "threw himself in at the door of the cuddy, and one Samuel Wakeman, a member of the church of Hartford, who was sent with goods to buy cotton, cast himself down by him, and presently a great shot took them both. Mr. Peirce died within an hour; the other, having only his thighs tore, lived ten days" (WJ 2:39-40].

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    Wakeman, Sam : Court Record, 4 December, 1645.
    The estate of Sam. Wakeman, deceased, is setled on Nath. Willette, in consideratio whereof he is to pay £40 to the eldest sonne wn he shall attayne 21 years of age, and £20 apeece to the three daughters wn they shall attayne the age of 18 yeares. If any dy in the meane, the portio is to be devided betwix the survivors, the land to stand ingadged for the prformance thereof; and if any debts more shall appeare than are nowe knowne, to be equally borne by him & the children, and if any estate more appeare, that also is to be devided. The children's receipts of their portions is record in Book D. Fol. 21, Decembr. 23: 1673.

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    Samuel Wakeman, Roxbury, came in the "Lion," in Nov. 1631 ; freeman, Mass., Aug. 7, 1632; prob. removed to Cambridge; deputy, May, 1635; constable for Newtown, April, 1636 ; an original proprietor at Hartford, 1639, when his home-lot was on the south bank of the Little River; chosen townsman, 1638 ; appointed with George Hubbard, Senr., and Ancient Stoughton, in 1636, "to consider the bounds and survey the breadth of Dorchester (Windsor) towards the Falls, and of Watertown (Wethersfield) towards the mouth of the River." He was killed in 1641 by a shot from the Spanish fort at Providence in the Bahamas [Old Providence Island, in the Caribbean off Colombia and Nicaragua], where he had been sent " to buy cotton."

Lyon (1631)
The Lyon made several voyages under Captain William Peirce 1630-1632.
Sailed: 23 Aug 1631 from London, England
Arrived: 2 Nov 1631 at Boston, Massachusetts Bay Colony

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