Person:Samuel Symonds (4)

Deputy Governor Samuel Symonds
d.Bet 2 Oct 1678 and 7 Oct 1678 Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, United States
m. 7 Jan 1580
  1. Edward SYMONDS1588 - 1627
  2. Margaret SYMONDS1595 -
  3. Deputy Governor Samuel Symonds1595 - 1678
m. 2 Apr 1617
  1. Richard Symonds1618 -
  2. Dorothy Symonds1619 -
  3. Jane Symonds1621 -
  4. Anne Symonds1622 - 1634
  5. Samuel Symonds1623 - 1623
  6. Elizabeth Symonds1624 - 1685
  7. Samuel Symonds1625/26 - Bet 1653 & 1654
  8. Harlakenden Symonds1627 -
  9. John Symonds1628 -
  10. Robert Symonds1629 - 1630
  11. William Symonds1632 - 1679
  12. Roger Symonds1633 - 1634
  • HDeputy Governor Samuel Symonds1595 - 1678
  • WMartha Reade1602 - 1662
m. Est 1637
  1. Martha Symonds
  2. Ruth Symonds - 1702
  3. Samuel Symonds1643 -
  4. Priscilla Symonds1648 - 1733/34
  • HDeputy Governor Samuel Symonds1595 - 1678
  • WRebecca SwayneAbt 1617 - 1695
m. Aft 1662
Facts and Events
Name[1] Deputy Governor Samuel Symonds
Gender Male
Christening[2] 9 Jun 1595 Great Yeldham, Essex, England
Marriage 2 Apr 1617 Great Yeldham, Essex, Englandto Dorothy Harlakenden
Marriage Est 1637 Wickford, Essex, Englandto Martha Reade
Marriage Aft 1662 After death of his second wife.
to Rebecca Swayne
Will[5] 16 Feb 1673 Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts, United States
Will[5] 13 Jan 1676 Codicil.
Will[5] 8 Nov 1677 Codicil.
Will[5] 8 Jan 1677/78 Codicil.
Death[3] Bet 2 Oct 1678 and 7 Oct 1678 Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, United StatesDied during a session of the General Court.
Burial[4] 11 Oct 1678
Alt Death[1] 12 Oct 1678 Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, United States
Alt Death[5] 13 Oct 1678
Probate[5] 6 Nov 1678 Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts, United StatesWill proved.

Estate of Samuel Symonds of Ipswich.
[See also Records and Files of the Quarterly Courts of Essex County, Mass., vol. 7.]

"I Samuel Symonds of Ipswich in New England gent. being desireous by setting these things in order, now in tyme of my health that I may be the more free (if God please) when death approcheth to leave this world, & to attende the matters of my soule, & the blessed hopes for life to come, doe make, & ordayne this my last will, & testament, in manner, & forme following, viz: First I comend my soule into the handes of Jesus Christ, my ever blessed Saviour, in hope of a joyfull resurreccon & meeting of my body at the last day, wch I leave to be decently buried (without any vayne pompe) and my funrall expences, & debts, to be paide & discharged. Item my will is that all the estate of my deare wife Rebeckah Symonds, be returned to her in kinde, to her owne pp use, to have & to hold the same to her, her heires & assignes for ever: viz: the lande at Salisbury, being six acres of meadow, now in the tenure of Henry Browne Senr and the seaventy acres of upland at Salisbury newtowne, now called Amesbury: Alsoe sixty two pounds twelve shillings of new England mony, which I received of Mr Clerke Ironmonger of Boston, whereof there is now in Mr Russells hande, as Treasurer of this country fifty pounds, and twelve pounds twelve shillings in my owne handes. Alsoe the cattell, for numb. & kinde, with all other particulars of estate & howshowld stuff, & goods as they ║are║ exprest in a note of particulars [See Ipswich Deeds, vol. 4, page 259; also Mass. Archives, vol. 16, paper 280.] Bearing date the last day of Novemb. Anno Dom. 1669 under my hande & seale; alsoe what is impaired, or lost of the very things in the said note of particulars, are to be made goode, according to her owne word & Judgment. Item I give to my wife a good breeding mare, or one of ║my║ riding horses which she shall chuse. Item I give to my wife two milch yonge cowes, Beside the three expressed in the saide note of particulars. Alsoe I give, or leave to my wife (in steade of Dower) twelve pounds per anno, to be paid to her, or her assignes, out of my farme called Argilla, during her naturall life, in two severall payments viz: Six pounds on the 25th day of March, & the other six pounds on the last day of Septemb yearly: this payment to be made in wheat 40s, mault foure pounds at the price current amongsts the merchants of Ipswich, and the other six pounds to be paid in porke, & indian come, accordingly and to be paid where she appoynt in Ipswich. Alsoe my will & meaning is that my wife shall have the sole use of part of my dwelling howse at Argilla, viz: The east end of it with free liberty of ingresse, egresse, & regresse into the said part of my howse, as alsoe the use in comon of the kitchin or hall, seller, dayry, backhowse, brewehowse, or other places to the said howse belonging during her naturall life. Alsoe my will is, that wife shall keepe or have liberty soe to doe, upon my farme during her naturall life six neate cattell, 10 sheep, & one horse, to be pvided for, all of the cattell both sumer & winter at the care, & charge of my executor: alsoe my wife shall comande attendance of the servants of my executor for her selfe & creatures, & she may as she please require horse meate, & attendants for her frends, that come to vizitt her, from tyme, to tyme, at the charge of my executor. Alsoe my mind is that all the wood she please to spende shall be brought out of my farme to her dore, ready cutt out for her fire at the charge of my executor from yeare to yeare. Alsoe she shall have liberty to make use of my Towne howse in comon with my children, as formerly. Alsoe my wife shall have liberty to keep what foules she please at my farme of Argilla. Alsoe my wife shall have liberty to take what apples, peares, & plumes for her use, & to take what ground she please, for her garden. All which liberties, & priviledges she shall have during her naturall life, with free liberty of water at the well, & elsewhere upon my farme. Provided allwayse, & it is intended that upon my wife her acceptance of these things before menconed, she shall relinquish the agreement made betweene me & her, before marriage, & stande onely to this my last will & testament: moreover my will is, that whatsoever rent debts, & estate is due to me at the tyme of my death by reason of marriag wth my wife Rebeckah, being due by her right in England, shalbe hers, & at her owne disposing. Provided alwayse that if my wife shall chuse rather to leave Argilla, & live elsewhere signifying her desire soe to doe under her hande in writing, during her absence from off Argilla, then she shall have her 12li allowed in stead of Dower made twenty pounds pr anno, to be paid in mannr & quality as in her foresaide Dower: for which eight pounds being added to her Dower she shall abate all these pticulars following viz: The keeping of six neat cattell, ten sheep, horse attendance of the servants, requiering of horsemeat for frends, bringing of wood to the dore, useing of ground for gardening, and the use of the howses, except one roome which she shall chuse for for her owne use during her naturall life, with free ingresse, egresse, & regresse. Provided alwayse that when she thinkes meete to returne, & live at Argilla againe, she shall have liberty soe to doe. expressing her minde in writing Things shalbe as aforesaide for her more comfortable being there, and the eight pounds added to her Dower aforesaid is to be abated againe. Moreover I binde my farme called Argilla for the due payment of what is in this my will exprest.

'Item I give to my sonne Harlakinden Symonds all my part of my farme at Lamprele River with the sawing mill there upon erected, with all the utenses, & apprtenances there unto belonging, with all my part of the howses thereunto apptayning. And alsoe ║one halfe of║ my part of the meadow & upland lately laid out to me, which the honrd genrall Court latly granted to me, lying beyond the Bounds of Dover: & mostly out of the Bounds Exiter. And alsoe all my liberty in the lands of Dover, which I latly purchassed of Robert Wadley, wth all its singular priviledges & apprtenances To have & to hold the prmisses to him, ye said Harlakinden during his naturall life, and to the heires of his body [lawfully begotten, male or female] and for want of such heires, to remayne to the said Harlakinden & his heires forever Item I give to my sonn Harlakinden my great silver saltseller, and my best suit of apparrel [both] linen, & woollen. Item I give to my grandaughter Sarah Symonds all that pcell of lande lying in Coxall which remaynes of that I had of her father it being three hundred acres be it more, or lesse. Item I give to my sonne & daughter Epps one hundred pounds pmised before marriage to be paid within one yeare, or two, after after my decease, and if she still desire to have the sute of damask which was the Lady Cheynies, her grandmother, let her have it upon apprizment. Item whereas I pmised to give my daughter Martha one hundred pounds, as a porcon upon marriage with her husband Mr John Denison, it being desired by the Major & herself soe to doe, according to the bonde I entered into I do by this my last will confirme the same. Item I give to my sonne & daughter Emerson four score pounds, haveing given them 20li at the least soone after her marriage, to be paid within one yeare, or two, after my decease. Item I give to my daughter Baker, having paid my sonne Baker Thirty pounds already Three score & ten pounds to be paid within one or two yeare after my decease. Item I give to my daughter Dunkin Twenty shillings. Item I give to my daughter Hale Twenty shillings Item I give to my sonne Chewte Twenty shillings. Item I give to the Reverend Mr Cobbett our Pastor Forty shillings. Item I give to my wives grandaughter one Cow viz: Rebeckah Stacy, because of her diligent attendance on me. Item I give to my deare wife my fetherbed & boulster which we usually lye upon. My mind, & meaning is that the legacies here given to my children shalbe paid not in mony nor according to mony, but in such pay as they usually passe, from man to man, which is called the Currant price. And I doe make, & ordayne my sonne William Symonds, to be my executor of this my last will & testament. And considering there are many payments to be made, & discharged by my executor, I doe give, & bequeath to him my said sonne |William| Symonds all my howses & lands in Ipswich, with all my comonages, & priviledges thereunto belonging. Item I give to my sonne William Symonds (having ingaged to him. before the writing of this my will soe much) half of my meadow, & uplands ground, which lieth beyonde my farme at Lamprele River, beyond the Bounds of Dover, & mostly out of the boundes of Exiter, together with all the priviledges, & apprtenances thereunto belonging. Also my will, & desire is that my loving frends, Captaine John Appleton, & Levetenant Samuel Appleton, & my sonne John Hale, to be overseers of this my last will, & Testament. My request is that the advice, & counsell of my saide Overseers, be indeavoured |to| be taken about my executors arduous concernments, that soe love & concorde may continew, & be increased amongst those I leave behinde me. In witnesse that this is my last will & Testament, I have hereunto sett my hande, & Seale the sixteenth day of February Anno Dom 1673.'

Samuel Symonds. (SEAL)

Witness: Henry Archer, John Greaves, Edward (his £ mark) Bragg.

Proved in Ipswich court Nov. 6, 1678, by John Graves and Edward Bragg.

'A codicil testementary to the last will & testament of Samuel Symonds gent which will beareth date the sixteenth day of February Anno Dom. 1673: Whereas in that my will I bequeathed to my sonne Harlakinden Symonds all my part of my farme at Lamperele River with the Sawinge Mill thereupon erected with all the utenses & apprtenances thereunto belonging, with all my part of the howses thereunto belonging and alsoe one halfe of all my part of the meadow & upland lately laid out to me which the honrd Genrall Court lastly granted to me lyinge beyound the Bounds of Dover & mostly beyound the Bounds of Exiter, and alsoe all my liberty in the lands of Dover, which I lately purchassed of Robert Wodley with all its singular priviledges & appurtinances To have & to hold the prmisses to him the said Harlakinden during his naturall life and to the heires of his body lawfully begotten, male or female and for want of such heires to remayne to the said Harlakinden & his heires forever: Now therefore I doe hereby disanull & revoke all this my gift to my sonne Harlakinden as for Terme of his naturall life and doe give him all the prmisses to have & to hold the same together with all & singular its appurtenances to him the said Harlakinden Symonds & his heires & assignes forever. Alsoe whereas I bequeathed in my Will to my sonne Harlakinden Symonds my fourth part of the sawing mill on Lamprele River with all its priviledges & appurtenances the pvidence of God hath soe ordered it that the mill it self hath bene fired & wholly ruined by the enymy and soe made unprofittable for the prsent: and considering that my sonne William Symonds who is my executor is in my debt for rent for my said mill more then the building & finishing the fourth part of the said mill will cost, my will is that when the rest of the owners doe rebuild & finish the saide mill that then this my fourth part soe bequeathed be alsoe carried on to the finishing of the same at the onely cost & charges of my sonne William Symonds for the onely use of my sonne Harlakinden Symonds. Alsoe considering what lands I formerly have given to my sonne Harlakinden, and that I highly esteeme this at Lampreele River. My advice & desire now is that he doth not sell, or putt it away or any part of it unlesse extreame necessity compell and that he doth what he doth in reference to the mill &c with very good advice and though I have gained very little by it, yet if he can waite, & pcure honest dealing workmen he will finde sufficient recompence for his waiting, for there is store of timber with that which is added to it from Dover, & the meadow & the Court gave me up into the country. In witnesse whereof I have hereunto sett my hande & seale the thirteenth day of January 1676.'

Samuel Symonds (SEAL)

Witness: William Goodhue, sr., William (his vv mark) Smyth, jr.

Proved in Ipswich court 6: 9m: 1678 [November 11, 1678] by the witnesses.

'A codicile testementary which is added to the codicile bearing date the 13th day of February 1676 [must refer to the above codicil which was dated 13 January 1676], which refereth to my last will & Testament dated 16th of February 1673. I Samuel Symonds being in good health of body & of good understanding (blessed be God) thought good to add by this codicile annexed to the former bearing date as above. I say some consideracons moving me thereunto I give to my sonne Harlakinden five pounds (in comon pay) per and during his naturall life, to be paide by my executor: Provided that if in the life tyme of my sonne Harlakinden my loving brother mr Richard Fitts Symonds decease in the interim and be bountifull to my sonne Harlakinden (which I believe he will) and bequeath to him more then the value of five pounds per anno.; Then my will & minde is, That this five pounds shall cease and that my executor thenceforth be wholly free from the payment thereof. In wittnesse whereof I have hereunto sett my hande & seale. Dated November the eighth day 1677.'

Samuel Symonds (SEAL)

Witness: John Wood, John Woodin, Martha Graves.

Proved in Ipswich court 6: 9m: 1678 [November 6, 1678] by John Wood and John Woodin.

'This third codicill testementary I Samuell Symonds doe now add to the former, which refereth to my will dated 16 day of February 1673. The occasion & reason of my soe doeing is because I mistooke in my date of my last codicill viz. I dated it 13th day of February 1676, which should have bene January 1676. Alsoe whereas I have mentioned in my will 100li to my daughter Martha Its onely named I doe not thereby give it, for I have given my bond for it for that mention is voide. The reason why I make these codicills is to spare writings being longe Dated January 8th 1677.'

Samuel Symonds (SEAL)

Witness: Edward (his V mark) Brag, Timothy Brag.

Proved in Ipswich court 6: 9m: 1678 [November 6, 1678] by the witnesses.

Inventory of the estate of Samuel Symonds, Esq., of Ipswich, who deceased Oct. 13, 1678, besides 236li. set apart by the agreament of Mris. Rebecka Symonds, relict of Samuell Symonds, and Mr. William Symonds, executor, which was her owne proper estate before marriage & by there mutuall agreament to be disposed of by her, and to be returned againe in kind according as the will provides & is to be delivered to her by the executor when the will is proved, taken by Edward Bragg and Robert Kinsman: … [moveable estate and livestock] … about 12 Acres of marsh & a little upland nere Wells land, 50li.; 6 acres more of marsh there to the use of Mrs. Martin for her life, 12li; Argilla Farme conteining 300 Acres meadow & upland, 1500li; howses & barnes & out houses upon the farme, 200li; … Lamprele river 200 acres upland & marsh, 130li., … a part of 1000 Acres at Coxwell beyond Wells, 6li; the house & about 2 Acres of land at Towne, 50li.; Debts due to the estate, 65li; total, 2534li 9s. Funerall expences yet unpaid in mony, 51li.; other debts due from the estate, 85li.; to make up Mrs. Symonds 236li. out of the estate there is yet unpayd, 37li. 15s.

Attested in Ipswich court Nov. 6, 1678, by Mr. Wm. Symond. executor of his father's estate.
Essex County Probate Files, Docket 27,134.

Agreement made Apr. 10, 1694, between Harlackinden Symonds of Ipswich, John Emerson and his wife, Ruth Emerson of Gloucester, Thomas Baker and his wife, Priscilla Baker of Topsfield, Daniel Epes of Salem, Simond Epes of Ipswich, and Joseph Jacob and his wife, Susannah Jacob, Dorothy Symonds, Col. Wade as guardian to Mary and Elizabeth Symonds, all of Ipswich, that Rebekah Symonds of Ipswich, widow of Samuell Symonds, shall have all things performed according to the will of said Samuel, and that all the land sold in Argilla, viz., thirty five acres of upland and eight acres of meadow sold to Bragg, and eight acres sold to John Emerson, and four acres to Thomas Baker, towards paying legacies by Richard Martin, Daniel Epes and Harlackinden Symonds, as administrators, shall stand good, and also marsh of about fourteen or fifteen acres, bounded by marsh of Simonds Epes, the Rings and Wells, and all the stock which was upon the farm, together with all utensils; also what estate William Simonds, deceased, hath disposed of to his own use which once belonged to the estate of Samuell Simonds. Esq. and that which was his interest in Lampereele River shall be accounted valid; that the whole remaining part of the farm called Argilla shall be equally divided into two shares, one half to Harlackinden Simonds, John Emerson and Ruth his wife, Thomas Baker and Priscilla his wife, Daniel and Simond Epes, Richard Martin's children which he had by his second wife Martha, and her other children, that is to say to be divided into six shares whereof Harlackinden Simonds to have two shares during his life; the other half of the farm equally to Joseph Jacob and his wife Susanna, Dorothy, Mary and Elizabeth Simonds and their heirs forever.

Witness: Samuel Appleton, jr., John Newman, Thomas Low. Acknowledged by Harlackinden Simonds, John Emerson, Ruth Emerson, Thomas Baker, Daniel and Symonds Epes, June 12, 1694, before Barth. Gedney, Judge of the Probate.

Mr. Nathaniel Martin son of Richard and Martha Martin, chose Mr. John Emerson, sr. of Gloster, to be his guardian, who gave bond, and it was allowed and confirmed, June 13, 1694.
Essex County Probate Records, vol. 303, pp. 233-235.

An agreement same as the above, signed Apr. 10, 1694, by Joseph Jacob, Susanna Jacob, Dorothy Symonds, Thomas Wade as guardian to Mary and Elizabeth Symonds, and acknowledged by them June 12, 1694, before Barth. Gedney, Judge of the Probate.
Essex County Probate Records, vol. 312, pp. 326-328.

Petition of Daniell Epps to the court June 27, 1679, that there may be an inventory taken of the estate of our father Samuell Symonds, as it now is, it being near eight months since his decease, and our brother William Symonds dying intestate about one month since, and little being performed by him, as executor, of the considerations in the will enjoined.

The petition was granted, and Mr. Daniell Epps, sr., ordered to take an inventory of the estate as it now is, and to give in an account to the next court at Ipswich that further order may be taken.
Salem Quarterly Court Records, vol. 5, leaf 129.

An account of particulars was delivered unto Daniel Epps and Harlakenden Symonds by order of Richard Martyn, by the marshall Robert Lord, jr., and read to our sister Symonds, Robert Kinsman and Samuel Ingalls being present in all the aprizements and deliveries, as witnesses. Nov. 12, 1679.

Upon the petition of Mr. Daniell Epps, sr., administration upon the estate of Samuell Symonds, Esq., was granted 25: 9m: 1679 [November 25, 1679], unto Mr. Daniell Epps, Mr. Harlackenden Symonds, and Mrs. Rebecka Symonds relict of said Samuell, and Daniell Epps gave bond of 1000li.

Mr. William Symonds late executor to the will of Mr. Samuell Symonds. Dep. Gov., dying intestate, and making no provision that the legacies of the will might be fulfilled, administration upon the estate was granted June 18, 1680, to Mrs. Rebecka Symonds widow of Samuel, Mr. Harlackinden Symonds, his eldest son, and Mr. Daniell Epps, husband to Elizabeth, his eldest daughter living. They gave bond of 1000li. to administer according to law, the farm Argilla to stand engaged for the payment of the legacies.

Mr. Daniell Epps, sr., administrator, presented an inventory of the estate of Samuell Symonds, Esq., and attested to the truth thereof in Salem court 30: 9: 1680 [November 30, 1680]. After all debts and legacies are paid, he is to attend the order of the court in the distribution of said estate.
Salem Quarterly Court Records, vol. 6, leaves 6, 13.

Rebecha Symonds, widow of Samuel Symonds, testified Oct. 22, 1679, that before the death of Samuel Symonds, jr., her husband spoke to her about settling his lands upon his son William Symonds, and declared that he desired so to settle them as that the wife of said William, might not claim her thirds in the lands, and purposed to that end to consult Mr. Bellingham, the then Governor, about it.

Petition of Rebecha Symonds, relict of Samuel Symonds, late Dep. Gov., to the court Oct. 23, 1679, that an administrator may be appointed upon the estate of her husband, and that they would choose some of her late husband's own children or son-in-law, if the court see not meet to admit them as heirs, and not leave her and her concerns to the care of strangers.

Petition of Jonathan Wade, May 14, 1681, in behalf of himself and Mary Simonds his daughter, joint administrators to the estate of the late William Simons of Ipswich, showing that by the will of Samuel Simonds, Esq., there was devised unto said William Simonds a farm called Argilla with other estate to enable him to pay certain debts and legacies as expressed in said will, and that he sold much of his own estate in order to pay the legacies, to save said farm Argilla entire. William dying intestate, administration was granted unto his widow Mary Symonds, and your petitioner in her behalf, and they were in possession of that estate as belonging to said William, and according to an order of the General Court in Oct. 1679. said estate was taken from them and put into the hands of other children of Samuel Symonds, and upon another hearing in May, 1680, the order was reversed, and the estate left as before, which however, has never been performed, and they desire the court's consideration of the case and a final issue thereof, that no more uncertainty may remain.

In answer to the motion May 26, 1681, of Jonathan Wade in behalf of Mary Symons his daughter, the court for a final issue of the matter ordered that the estate of the late Samuel Symonds, Esq., and the farm Argilla, be committed into the hands of the administrators to be in behalf of the children and heirs of said Wm. Symonds, they to give bond of 1000li. and the farm Argilla liable to the payment of the legacies and bequests in the will of Samuel Symonds, and to repay unto Harlakenden Symonds and Mr. Epps late administrators to said estate, what they paid of said legacies during their administration.

Petition to the court Oct. 14, 1681, of Harlakinden Symonds, the only surviving son and heir of Samuel Symonds, that there may be a speedy determination and ordering of the estate of his father by the court.

In answer to a petition of Mrs. Rebeca Symonds the court Oct. 25, 1681, ordered that the farm Argilla be put into her hands and of Mr. Harlakanden Symonds and Mr. Eps, who are to improve said farm and receive all profits, that the surplus may be returned to those to whom it doth of right belong.
Mass. Archives, vol. 16, papers 170-172, 213, 218, 219, 261, 272.

An account respecting the payments of the debts and legacies in our father's will presented Nov. 29, 1681: The Estate Dr., to our fathers funerall expences, 3li. 9s., in money pd. at Boston, 3li. 9s.; pd. to severall creditors at Ipswich in small debts & small Legacies, 7li. 12s. 9d.; what remained due to our Mother, 20li.; a horse lent my brother Samuell Symonds pr. my fathers order to ride to Boston wch horse dyed at Winnesymmet in yt. Journey 16 or 17 yrs. agoe, 22li.; wt is due to Mr. Martyn pr. legacie & Debt, 105li.; Daniell Epes, sr., 108li.; Mr. Jno. Emerson, 88li.; Mr. Thomas Baker, 58li.; ye farm Argilla being destitute of all kind of grain I Daniell Epes, sr. supplied the same wth pvisions, seed & corn ye first year & 3 loads of hay, 20li. 6s. 9d.; John Woodins service being an apprentice his clothing according to covent. & also 4 months & 2 weeks work, 23li. 10s.; necessary expences for carrying on affairs in provisions & small Legacies to Rebek. Stacy & Debt to our mother out of that wch was the common stock amongst us as per writing may appear, 32li. 2s. 10 l-2d.; to workmen yt I sd. Danll. Epes, sr. procured & payd for at Argilla ye last year, 3li. 7s.; 2 loads of hay pr. sd. Eppes to Argilla this year, 1li. 10s.; Mr. Duncans Legacie, 1li. due to him pr. will of Samll. Symonds, jr. & part of his 8li., 5li. 9s.; Caution money at Genii. Court in 79 & other charges, 15li. 12s. 6d.; Robert Lord for extending ye first execution, 2li.; Marshall Genll. John Green for extending last execution, 2li.; time wch sd Epes spent about ordering affayres in Argilla & paying workmans wages these 2 last years, 10li.; pvisions that sd Epes supplied this year at Argilla, 2li. 4s. 10d.; fencing, plowing, planting, howing, mowing, hay making & other work, 11li. 1s. 11d.; Interest of the stock. Tackling & for plows, carts & household goods for one year, 12li.; charges expended in money upon the prosecution of the case referring to Argilla occasioned by Mr. Wade since October 1679 as may appear particularly pr. sd. Epes his book of accts., 33li. 4s. 10d.; more charges last Court at Boston, 2li. 19s.; 117 days for myself and horse, 11li. 14s.; my mother Symonds for her mans work she finding all things needfull for him. 16li. and 5 bush. of wheat, 1li. 5s., Oats for her use, 20s., 18li. 5s.; Harlakindin Sym: for him & wife working upon the farm one year in 1679-80 in order to ye performance of our fathers will. 16li.; Mris. Symonds for her mans meat drink clothing & work for this year, 17li.; Harlak. Symonds & wife for this year, 16li.; total, 668li. 10s. 3 l-2d.

Per Contra Cred.: By cattell & goods according to apprizment taken amongst ye four Legatees Nov. 12, 1679, all wch were left upon the farm to supply all necessary occasions in order to ye fulfilling our fathers will & performing duties therein, 132li. 19s. 6d.; Jan. 30, 1679 took into possession 35 acres of land by us Harlak. Symonds & Danll. Epes pr. consent or order from Richard Martyn administrators at 5li. pr. Acre upon comon acct. wch wee sould to Edward Bragg wch land was esteemed the most unprofitable upon the whole farm, wch according to apprizement came to 175li.; sould unto Mr. Jno. Emerson Eight acres of land next adjoining to sd Braggs at 5li. pr. acre upon comon acct. 40li. as part of his Legacie; sould to Mr. Thomas Baker 4 Acres as aforesd as part of his legacie, 20li.; 8 acres of meadow sould to Edward Bragg wch we sd. administrators took at 5li. pr. Acre wth ye rest at comon acct. all things being prised much above their value, 40li.; payd to Mr. Duncan, 3li. 11s.; Cattell, 22li. 10s. according to apprizement to Danll. Epes, sr. as I charged myself Debtr. in ye Inventory but there was 10s. more then they were valued at as apprd. wn I came to speak wth those yt prized them. 22li. 10s.; Swine. 9li. 10s.; severall particulars of ould goods charged to particular accts. of sd. Legatees, 25li. 18s. 3d.; the whole crop in ye year 1680, 48li.; total, 517li. 8s. 9d. Ballance of accts. of the estate is indebted, 151li. 1s. 6 l-2d.

Mr. Harlakinden Symonds recd, of the estate of our father Samuell Symonds, since the judgment of the General Court at Boston Nov. 13, 1679, in severall particulars to the value of 27li. 19s. 2d. which he apprehends may be set off for the trouble and charges he hath been put to about his father's estate since the death of his brother William Symonds.

Attested Dec. 3, 1681, by Daniell Epps, sr., and Har. Symonds.

An account made Nov. 24, 1680, of what Daniell Epps, sr. and Harlakinden Symonds, administrators to the estate of our father Samuel Symonds, find wanting of the said estate as may be seen by comparing the inventory taken by our brother Mr. William Symonds, executor unto ye abovesd estate, about the begining of Nov., 1678, and the inventory taken by us Nov. 10, 1679, together with what Mr. Wade and our sister Mrs. Mary Symonds relict of William Symonds, hath had and disposed of from ye Farm Argilla: in corne of all sorts of the groath of the yeare 1678 about 70li.; payed unto Brother William by Killigreest Ross, 6li.; old corne of all sorts about 3li. 5s.; Land sould of our Fathers at Towne by William to a saddler, 9li.; Land sould unto Mr. Wade of ye same Lott for halfe money & halfe wheat & mault as we understood by our Brother William, 40li.; silver plate, 10li. 10s.; cheeses of ye better sort, 5li. 5s.; Sheeps wooll 75li., 5li. 2s.; Cotten wooll about 10s.; 3 tubs of Butter, with two of ye tubbs, 3li. 19s.; Syder & apples, 2li.; 50 Loades of hay, 37li.; 40li. of yarne, 4li.; cattle wanting about 18li.; Sheep & Lambs about 38, 16li.; a Steere sould to Isaack Fellowes at about 3li. 10s. wch our brother William had ye pay for in corne as wee understood, 3li. 10s.; the Cropp in the yeare 1679 which Mr. Wade & our Sister Symonds had all away and left ye Farme whollie destitute which was upwards of 80li.; total, 314li. 1s. Now besides this acct. our Sister Mary Symonds had all the benifitt of the Increase of all the Cattle & sheep and of the Dayrie, the keepeing what cattle and sheep shee had viz. 16 or 17 Lambs, 5 calves sumer and winter, 3 or 4 cowes the winter, 5 or 6 swine, two horses, the Drawing the wood she made use of with the oxen, wee had of our estate for the payment of our Legaceys which oxen cowes and other creatures & goods wee left upon ye Farme in order to the fulfilling of our Fathers will as to all concerns, the charge & damage of which unto us we judge is upwards of 20li.; This last winter our Sister Mary Symonds kept 4 cowes, 5 yearlings & vantage, two calves, about 13 swine, one mare, about 12 or 13 sheep, all the cattle, mare and two oxen shee kept upon ye Farme this last Sumer about 6 shoats raysed 4 this sumer and most of her wood carried by our team all wch at 25li. Attested by Daniell Epps, sr. and Har. Symonds.
Essex County Quarterly Court Files, vol. 36, leaves 134-136."[5]

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