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Samuel Steele
  • F.  Steele (add)
  1. George SteeleBef 1728 -
  2. Samuel Steele1733 - 1823
  1. Mary Ellen 'Molly' Steele1760 - 1792
  2. George Steele, of Botetourt County, VABet 1761 & 1765 - 1837
  3. Henry SteeleEst 1778 -
  4. Elizabeth SteeleBef 1779 -
  5. Polly Steele1781 -
  6. Peggy SteeleBef 1783 -
m. 13 Aug 1808
Facts and Events
Name Samuel Steele
Gender Male
Birth[1] 1733
Marriage 13 Aug 1808 Fauquier County, Virginiato Barbara Withers
Death[1] 27 Nov 1823 Fauquier County, Virginia

Land Records

1760......To James Nisbett p. Accot. For keeping & Physicking GEORGE STEELE 1195...Foushee Tebbs Appointed Parish Collector for the ensuing year...James Scott, Minister: Church wardens; John Buchannan, Henry Peyton, William Carr, Lewis Reno, John Baylis, Wm Seal, Vestrymen.
FAUQUIER COUNTY, VIRGINIA DEEDS 1759-1778 PAGES 321-326: 23 MAY 1771. B & S Bet...(same as above).. and John Churchill and Armistead Churchill...178 A...part of Kettle Run Tract..L89..oak in Morris line...cor. to GEORGE STEEL....Signed: as above. Wit. As above..Rec: as above.
FAUQUIER COUNTY, VIRGINIA DEEDS 1759-1778 pages 334-336. 23 May 1771.. B & S. Bet. As above.. and Samuel Steele...192A...Kettle Run Tract..L96.. beg. With Ambrose Barnard in the Hedgers Cor...signed, wit, rec: as above. [Note: The "Kettle Run Tract" was part of the estate of Charles Carter, Esq., dec'd, and was being sold by the executors of his estate to pay his debts].
FAUQUIER COUNTY, VIRGINIA DEEDS.. Pages 336-339. 23 May 1771. B&S. Bet. As above and John Shirley 150 A...175..Cor. to Ambrose Barnard..Order marked AB at end of Neavil's old Meadow in one of the patent GEORGE STEELE'S line...signed, wit, rec: as above.

Records in Virginia

page 189-190: James Baily (Inventory) No date.
App'd by Henry Taylor, Parnack George, Samuel Steele
Ret.: 23 March 1772. No total.
[Abstracts of Fauquier County Virginia, Wills Inventories and Accounts 1759-1800, pg. 45].

Inventory of the estate of William Grubbs, decd., of Fauquier, £21.5.6, appraised by Ambrose Barnett, Samuel Steele and John Cooke. Recorded 24 October 1774. [Virginia County Records, Vol. 7, William Armstrong Crozier, pg. 127].

Samuel Steele and George Steele both mentioned in the Estate Account of Capt. George Neaville, Fauquier County on 25 September 1775.
[Abstracts of Fauquier County Virginia, Wills Inventories and Accounts 1759-1800, pg. 151].

Page 74: Benjamin Robinson (Inventory) Date: 22 October 1785.
App'd by Samuel Steele, Pharnack George, William White.
No total. Ret. 24 October 1785
[Abstracts of Fauquier County Virginia, Wills Inventories and Accounts 1759-1800, pg. 165].

Page 200: John Minter (Division of Estate) Date: 1791
Divided by Parnack George, Wm. Hunton, Samuel Steele.
Details: William Minter - Negro girl; William Bailey - Negro boy; Jacob Minter - Negro boy; to give Wm. Bailey £10 "to make their negroes equal".
Ret: 25 July 1791/
[Abstracts of Fauquier County Virginia, Wills Inventories and Accounts 1759-1800, pg. 203].

Page 213: George Rogers Will Date: 4 May 1792 Wife: Betty Rogers - all real and personal estate during her natural life
Son: George - slave
Sons: George and Edward - the land I now live on - 1/5 part each of estate Dau: Betty Newby - 1/5 part after her death "her proportion of Negroes be sold and equally divided among all my other children."Dau: Mary Sanders - 1/5 partDau: Sally Matthews - 1/5 part of estate in trust to "my Trust friends Ambrose Barnett, George Rogers and Edward Rogers" for her and her children during her natural life, the 1/5 part shall be equally divided by the said Barnett, George and Edward Rogers among the children of my said daughter
Exors: Sons George and Edward
Signed: George Rogers
Wit: Samuel Steele, Henry Steele, Robert Gibson
Proved: 24 September 1792
[Abstracts of Wills, Administrations, and Marriages of Fauquier County, by Junie Estelle Stewart King, pg. 29]

Fauquier Will Book 2 page 256 George Rogers Senior (Inventory)
Date 10 Jan 1793 Approved by Samuel Steele, Thos Ransdell, James Hathaway.
Total Evaluation £564.1.0 Returned 28 Jan 1793

Ramsdell, Major Thomas
Oct. 1796. Inventory
Apprs: Samuel Steele, George Rogers, Joseph Hale. (p. 33)
[Abstracts of Wills, Administrations, and Marriages of Fauquier County, by Junie Estelle Stewart King, pg. 34]

Tompkins, John. Will Written 25 June 1802, Proven 22 Nov. 1802.
At present at the home of Mr. Samuel Steeles in Fauquier Co.
Wife to receive $2,000 (not hamed).
Mention is made of brother Fontanatus Tompkin and other brothers and sisters.
Exrs: Christopher Tompkins and Henry Tompkins (bros.)
Wit: George Rogers and Ann Garner. (p. 403).
{Source Abstracts of Fauquier County, VA, by Estelle King].

Records in Tennessee

5712 - 1838 Jan. 22 - (Exparte Petition) James YEARGIN represents that George STEEL died Oct. 1837 in Wilson Co., TN and he was apt'd. admr. Nov. Term of the same year. Samuel STEEL father of intestate in 1821 conveyed to the 12 children of said George therein named 4 negroes: Lucy and her children which are now in possession of your petitioner.... One of the doners has died, namely Samuel, leaving 11. The woman slave is getting old, one of the children of Lucy had two children increase, but one of them is now dead, so the number is now 5. Samuel left no increase. Doners are now settled over several states. All off age but one (Lucinda) and that one has a gdn., George WILLIAMSON. ...Lucinda B. STEEL.
1821 Feb. 26 - (Deed of Gift) 10 July 1821, STEELE to STEELE Boutourt Co. Court. The deed of gift together with the certificate from the county court of Fauquire.... "I Samuel STEELE of Fanquire Co., VA for natural affection to my grandchildren William STEELE, George STEELE, Sarah STEELE, Caroline STEELE, Samuel STEELE, Margaret STEELE, Nancy STEELE, Gallenus STEELE, Eleanor STEELE, John STEELE and Lucy STEELE and for $1.00 the following negro woman named Lucy and her three children Mary, James, and Harriet to stay in possession of George STEELE of Botetourt Co., VA the father of my grandchildren until the youngest of them, Lucy STEELE, shall arrive at the age of 21...." /S/ Samuel STEELE. Wit.: John WEAVER; Charles THOMHILL.
Source: County, TNGenWeb
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    Samuel Steele M. ? died in Fauquier Co. Va. after 1823

    Children: Mary (Molly) Steel M. William Bradford 1786 Fauquier Co. Va.
    Molly's ch. mentioned in Samuel's WILL: Fielding Bradford, Lucy Bradford Curley.

    These are the other children of Samuel Steele that's mentioned in his will dated 1823. George, William, Henry, John, Elizabeth, Nancy.
    The will also mentions Samuel's 2nd wife Barbara Garner.